Squire Patton Boggs and Osborne Clarke move summer vacation schemes online

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Law firms continue to switch to virtual programmes amid virus disruption

A further two law firms have moved their 2020 summer vacation schemes online in response to the coronavirus crisis.

Squire Patton Boggs and Osborne Clarke were due to run in-person work experience programmes in the coming weeks.

Squire Patton Boggs’s summer vacation scheme was due to take place across its four UK offices (London, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds) for two weeks in the last week of July and first week of August.

A spokesperson from the firm confirmed that the scheme will instead run virtually, because of coronavirus, for one week from each UK office in the first week of August.

The SPB spokesperson added that if the firm is unable to meet its new trainee quota, since online assessment is harder than face-to-face, it will schedule another scheme to take place over the Christmas holidays. No decision has been made on this as of yet because it is not yet known whether the firm will need to pursue this route.

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Osborne Clarke’s summer vacation scheme was due to run across its three UK offices (London, Bristol and Reading) throughout June and July this year.

The firm, which takes on around 40 summer interns each year, told Legal Cheek:

“We have moved our summer vacation scheme online but the students will still enjoy a personalised course with high levels of contact and mentoring from Osborne Clarke staff.”

A spokesperson from the firm confirmed that the virtual scheme will last one week and participants will be paid £320 for the week. Following completion of the scheme, candidates will be considered for training contracts.

A number of law firms have moved their vacation schemes online in recent months and weeks as their lawyers and graduate recruitment teams continue to work remotely during the COVID-19 lockdown. All five firms that make up the magic circle, for example, have confirmed that their vacation schemes will continue ahead this summer, albeit virtually.

View a list of law firm schemes that have gone virtual due to COVID-19 so far. This page will be updated as we receive new information.

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Incoming vac schemer

OMG *hyperventilates* finally some news about SPB


Concerned Trainee

This is great and all but could you guys actually report on what’s going on at HSF, NRF and LL in respect of the NQs. You won’t though for obvious reasons….



What is going on at these firms?! (Beginning to think you are a troll just making shit up)


Anon – 3:53PM CMS Trainee chain – 10:32 chain

Not saying these are true but the fact that others are aware of it makes clear that there must be something worth proving to this



*probing – correcting my typo lol



HSF and NRF are making NQs work on trainee salaries, not sure what’s happening at LL though …



If this is true they should be ashamed of themselves given the amount of profit they accumulate a year. They really had to make the little guys suffer



The author of this article literally reached out to people in the comments of previous articles to email her the insider info but if they haven’t then that’s not hers or any of LCs fault. They’re not mind readers or psychic and know what’s going on behind the closed doors of law firms.

If it bothers you that much how about you go and email them the full scoop yourself



Finally someone said it! That ‘concerned trainee’ anon has been spamming the same comment on every article like bro if it’s that much of an issue just give them the insider info yourself


Catch me in my Lambo (KE NQ)

LOL look at LC shills in action. We get it they’re paying you to keep quiet and make rent this month.


Other trainee

It’s difficult sending in “proof” when it’s something you’ve been told by one of your best friends who works there – but as you’re at another firm, you don’t have the actual email confirming it. It’s something that 100% is going on but currently it’s all behind doors. But I am surprised a trainee hasn’t sent the tip off considering the speed at which the Slaughters measures were published – but hey, maybe everyone hates Slaughters.

I think the HL retention rate not being released is clear signs of people being paid to keep quiet though.



If they can’t send in official proof then at least say as much info that they do know, or say it in the comments but don’t tease limited information



If a discussion is sparked in the comments about it then they will have no choice but to report it officially.

But we can’t have that conversation until someone slips the full insider info publicly



Never mind a virtual vac scheme, will SPB UK make it to 2021 without their masters in suburban Ohio either replacing the entire UK management with Yankee place men or just cutting it loose entirely?


sweaty toiler

Decent bantz, no clue what you’re on about though


Curious Cat

Has a single firm given any indication yet as to how they are going to assess who gets the Training Contracts? It would be helpful to know so that such vac schemers can know how to prepare and what to expect?



Finally that guy who has been asking about the SPB Vac Scheme in the comments of every single post will now have found peace



If anyone has done a virtual vac scheme already – what sort of tasks were you given, how was the vac scheme structured and how were you assessed for the TC? It would be useful to know as most firms have not kept incoming vac schemers in the loop about any of it. Feeling very confused and I do not have a clue on what to expect


Incoming Vac Schemer

I agree! Would also appreciate some good advice from someone who’s been there and done of these virtual vac schemes



I’m also confused as to how it is supposed to work. Like do I just email them back and forth and have a zoom call a couple times a day to show them the work I have done? Do I just spend it behind a laptop screen doing work all day or is it done on an online software?


Ruth W

I think Linklaters are one of the few firms that have already done an online vac scheme but theirs was on online Sherpa so I’m not sure how they got assessed for the TC



Incorrect. Linklaters has an online internship on InsideSherpa but that’s separate from their vac scheme. Their first vac scheme is at the end of June I believe. From what I heard, vac schemers will be assessed based on ”projects” – i.e. written exercises and final TC interview


SPB Toiler

Avoid. Go and join CMS instead.



Lmao good choice, top firms all round.


Greenberg Maybach Gang

Top top tippity top of the pops.


Concerned SPB Vac scheme holder

Anyone know what’s going on with SPB? Is the scheme going ahead ?



All these muppets whinging about salary cuts at city firms. CORPORATE LAWYERS ARE SOME OF THE BEST PAID PEOPLE IN THE COUNTRY. So what you didnt get your ‘dream’ salary. People live and take mortgages out when they earn £22,000 a year. Get stuffed



Okay mate..but why would you take a mortgage out if you earn 22k a year?



What’s considered a good salary to
Live on comfortably in your 20s (I.e. no kids or other responsibilities) in London?


Akin Gump 1PQE

Tree fiddy roubles


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