‘We just love being lawyers’, sings CMS choir

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The show must go on — even under lockdown

A screenshot of the CMS choir in action

CMS‘ choir has come together to sing a little ditty about why they love being lawyers.

In the minute-long clip (embedded below), the CMS logo flashes into sight and the ‘curtains’ draw as 15 of the firm’s lawyers take to the virtual stage, presumably given they can’t meet in-person amid the coronavirus disruption.

The musical ensemble then proceed to belt out the song’s first verse whilst a piano plays in the background. We hear the lawyers chant “we are one” when they work, sleep, rise, draft, meet, train and bill.

The video pans across the lawyers, some of whom can be seen holding scripts, before they transition into the next verse:

“And we just love being lawyers,
with all our hearts.
And we shall care for our clients,
with all our soul,
and our might.”

The choir then sing they’ll care for their clients in Glasgow, Kyiv, Hong Kong and Dubai.

The clip sadly cuts at this point and we’re left wondering whether the group went on to reference each and every city that the firm — which has 74 offices in 42 countries — has a presence.

A spokesperson for CMS said: “The choir chorus is special but for internal only, a good show of camaraderie and compliments our great team spirit.”

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Cute but cringe






This is a massive red flag.



So cringe ?



I mean I expected it to go:

?”We love being lawyers because of the money, the glorious moneyy” ?

Then I realised they work at CMS


'Berg Trainee

Someone has clearly pinched the lyrics from our top, top chorus to the same tune.



Can we get an encore?


Jay Z

Do you want more?
Cooking raw with the Brooklyn boy



Still rather work here than Jones Day… but only just


The HSF / Hogan Lovells / Slaughters Remix

When we cutttt, not from the toppp, cut trainee payyyy, and slash NQssss. We are one.


This footage looks like something made in the 1980s Brezhnev Soviet Union (but with modern video technologies).

Be glorious, our firm,
A reliable stronghold of the peoples’ happiness!
Banner of the firm, banner of the people,
May it lead from victory to victory!



In 2015, Greenberg Glusker LLP’s in-firm choir came top, top of the pops with our remix of David Guetta’s titan-ium.



Vocally impressive, but should have stayed internal as a bit cringe


Concerned observer

Struggling to find the words for how tragic this is. I can’t believe that someone took the time to write this; that others agreed to sing it; and that someone decided to package it up and share it with the outside world – all without anyone stopping to think how CRINGE the whole thing was. It’s not like the world wasn’t dark enough already.

Away to scream in a corner.


Simon Cowell

That’ll be a no from me


Kirkland bigboi

Lol shet firm rofl lmao



OMG – how utterly embarrassing


J Jones

Embarrassing beyond belief! How can anyone take a firm seriously that comes out with something like this.


Ex-CMS beta box

Each and every one of those appearing in this video will probably cite their involvement as reason to receive some pathetic points on the MODUS system designed to deprive anyone of a bonus.


David Gilroy

Whereas this. Genius fun!


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