CMS launches app to track lawyers’ carbon footprints

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Global firm will plant a tree for every user 🌳👣

The London headquarters of global firm CMS has unveiled a mobile app to help its lawyers go green.

Built by an in-house team of developers, the ‘Test The Temperature’ mobile app is available to CMS lawyers to track their carbon footprint and if necessary, encourages them to make changes at home and work.

The idea came about following “a tremendous response” from staff when pitched as a potential method to reduce the firm’s carbon footprint. The app focuses on five areas: food, travel, recycling, energy, and things.

It runs through a series of questions under each category. Each answer has a positive or negative score depending on its relative impact on the environment. The results of these answers are then weighted and turned into a total score out of 100. The lower your score on the ‘temperature’ gauge, the better you’ve done.

A screenshot of the app

Every app user is then asked to commit to improving their score by 10% within the next three months. CMS also has committed to planting a tree for every app user.

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Penelope Warne, senior partner at CMS, said:

“We all have a responsibility to address climate change. Small behavioural changes on an organisational and individual basis are important and cumulatively make a difference. We are hoping this app guides us all in a positive direction when it comes to our carbon footprint.”

The firm is considering wider roll-out and, in due course, adapting it as a tool for its offices and some clients pending feedback from users.

CMS has committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2025. Test for Temperature is part of its Climate Action and Sustainability programme, which includes other sustainable initiatives such as the use of 100% renewable electricity in all but one of its UK offices, planting 1,938 trees in Europe and Brazil to offset its paper consumption, and, in partnership with Bio Bean in London, converting 2.5 tonnes of used coffee into biofuel.

Today’s news follows the publication of the ‘The Climate Contract Playbook’ and ‘Green Paper of Model Laws’ by The Chancery Lane Project, a pro bono initiative made up of top solicitors and barristers, with the aim of guiding other lawyers when drafting climate solutions for clients.

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Lager Face Troy

“CMS launches app to track lawyers” – would sound more accurate if you ditch the last two words from the headline.


Married to the printer

If my firm’s anything to go by, they’ll need to plant a lot more than ~2k trees to offset their paper usage



*sends memo out indicating that no more printing of unnecessary paper should be undertaken*

Partner: *Prints 400 page guidance document attached to memo* “Can we just discuss this guidance, I have a few questions”.

Surprised XR have not undertaken to sabotage law firm printing paper deliveries, really.


Gaz the gasman

for a shop that does so much oil & gas work, this initiative is borderline hysterical looooooool


4th Seat Trainee

Yes Penny



“CMS has committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2025.”

It’s a law firm, not an industrial iron smelter; it could easily go carbon neutral within a few weeks if it really wanted to. This is just virtue signalling.



There is still some carbon footprint, at least by the sheer amount of printing of unnecessary bundles for the meetings or proofreading.



Why delete C’M’S battery farm from the name?



Going carbon neutral is what rich virtue signalling soy boys in the west do. It means carry on doing what you did previously, buy fair trade chocolate, and plant trees or pay money to ‘offset’ the damage you are causing. It is the reason carbon trading never worked, the rich just bought the credits of the poor and carried on polluting. This enables the western liberal types to feel good about themselves, whilst still using laptops, jumping on planes, driving cars and wearing clothes that some 8 year old Vietnamese boy spent 30 minutes sewing together whilst chain smoking a cigarette that will stop him seeing age 40.



Oh politely f*ck off. Thx.


I'm a Boomer and I'm OK

I have a huge carbon footprint. And I don’t care.


Legal Genius

Time to cross ‘em off my app list…


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