BPP students aren’t happy about having to do without hard copy course materials

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Delay sending out textbooks caused by printer being closed due to COVID-19, says law school, which has moved all materials online

A lack of hard copy course materials is starting to bother some BPP University Law School students, exposing the limits of doing everything online.

Students who started at the law school this month on its accelerated Legal Practice Course (LPC) are yet to receive physical copies of “permitted materials”, i.e. textbooks that can be taken into exams such as Butterworths Company Law Handbook, and other hard copy materials.

BPP has said in a statement that all LPC materials are accessible to students online via its Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

In addition, it is now starting to provide hard copies of the permitted materials, which are being printed and posted directly to students. The law school is trying to get these out to students “as quickly as possible” but its external printing partner only re-opened with limited printing capacity last week following closure and staff furlough amid the coronavirus lockdown.

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Some students, however, continue to be disgruntled by the lack of provision of other hard copy materials, such as chapter notes and other handbooks, which a source tells us were provided to previous LPC cohorts. They said:

“A lot of students are resorting to printing sections of chapter notes and handbooks because BPP has so far refused to provide these in physical form, which all previous cohorts received.”

A student added that workbooks, for example, need to be in a physical rather than PDF format because students often have to work out calculations which they say isn’t as easy to do online. “Workbooks like wills and administration of estates and taxation need to be in physical form — everyone knows that,” they commented.

BPP has issued this statement: “BPP is fully committed to supporting our students, and to this end the whole team has put in enormous efforts to ensure that learning, teaching and assessment can continue, despite the difficulties that COVID-19 has brought.”

It continued:

“We can confirm that all LPC materials are available to students on the VLE, and in addition are providing hard copy permitted materials which are being printed and posted directly to our students. These hard copy permitted materials are being provided to students as quickly as possible but our printing partner only re-opened with limited printing capacity last week. In the meantime, students have access to all their materials on the VLE.”

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Former BPP student

When I did the GDL at BPP they provided online only versions of the most important materials. They eventually provided hard copies when people complained but these were vacuum packed blocks of black and white, loose leaf A4 paper. People had to go to Rymans to get them bound themselves (or just stuck them in ring binders).


GDL student

I have my GDL exams with BPP next month and this is exactly the way I received the study notes last December. Although you can keep them all in a binder they don’t tell you this before hand and if you don’t have binders ready you can’t open the vacuum packed plastic else you risk muddling it all up.



It is not acceptable. My daughters did the GDL and LPC with BPP and got a huge suitcase delivered here at the start with all kinds of books and CDs in. My sons start hte PDGL this Autumn and God knows what they will get – it is very unfair as one has eye problems if he looks at screens too long so always works form physical books where possible.

Also if my local printer can open up right through CV19 I don’t see why BPP cannot.



I finished the accelerated LPC at BPP recently. One of the questions in the surveys at the end of each stage was whether students actually wanted hard copies or whether it was wasting resources to print them out as they had received so many complaints.

In most my SGS groups the overwhelming majority accessed everything online, and had stacks of printed paper were never used and wasted!

Also, the wills etc booklet is not a ridiculous length. Very easy to just print on a home printer or now at a local library as they’ve reopened!


Annoyed BPP students everywhere

Wills is 200 pages.
Tax is 150 pages.
… Good luck printing your own Butterworth’s.

In any event, it is not students’ jobs to foot the printing bill when they/their firm have paid £17K for BPP to run the LPC for them…

During an SGS many do access chapter notes and materials online. During exams, paper copies are really essential as they are far more tactile and easier to manage when sitting an exam on the same computer as you are trying to read through 1000 pages of Company statute (and certainly should not assume all students have secondary devices that are suitable).


Accelerated LPC 2019

Think the real issue is that they don’t have any hard copies of the Equity Finance materials to use in the exams – I agree that most of the course materials are fine just online, but couldn’t imagine doing the EF exam without the hard copy materials!



That’s just the ‘real issue’ for YOU personally. Sorry you struggled in that situation, but please don’t narrow the whole intransigence of BPP to your specific problem.

In fact, the real issue is BPP’s decision to cut hard copies of all materials for everything, in order to try to save money. Regardless if some documents are more valuable for exams than others (in your perspective), most students feel that course materials need to be provided.


Accelerated LPC 2019

Really sorry – from reading the comments it’s clear BPP have been absolutely useless (what a shock….).

My comment was specifically in response to Rosie’s and the article about what I know those (which isn’t me, I’m a current trainee) on the Accelerated LPC were finding particularly challenging from talking to friends on that particular course.

It wasn’t a general statement about the whole of BPP’s utter mess. Hope that clears things up!


Accelerated LPC 2020

Yes. As someone with a learning disability (albeit “mild” all things considered), studying exclusively from screens is very difficult for me. Before anyone says, “so why would you become a lawyer, lol? All lawyers do is read). I can read all day every day but in terms of studying and processing information, books work best for me.

I earned a distinction at UCL before getting one for my GDL at BPP for which we had access to all materials. I’m one of those ppl with a TC and was able to flag this up to my graduate recruitment team who applied pressure.


Pass the paper

I think this is the case for many, many people including those who have no form of learning disability. I have no learning disability, but if I had to revise solely from screens I’d be utterly lost. I need tactility, highlighters, my memory of information relies a lot on precisely where I can see it on a physical page. I can only imagine how much harder screen-use must be for people with learning disabilities.


Disgruntled BPP student - weren't we all.


For students who sat the year long LPC (September 2019-June 2020), no extra effort was made to get hardcopy elective materials to students either. BPP claimed it was impossible, and yet many students managed to get copies printed by external companies who would ship them even in the middle of the lockdown.

Typical penny-pinching bullshit from BPP. Yet more evidence of why private universities should not be allowed to run degrees: profit before students, every time. The fact that BPP can masquerade as a University and award qualifications and degrees denigrates the entire sector.



It’s absolutely appalling, I am currently doing the litigation module – the online proctored exams will not allow us to go online to view these materials electronically so what other option do we have but to print?
Over both criminal and civil litigation there are over 1000 pages for the hard copy materials, considering the materials are included in the price paid for the course it is completely unacceptable that our hand is forced to print.
BPP have refused to provide materials and blamed the printing companies because they are furloughed. How can they not use another printing company?



I’m in the same boat with litigation and trying to find a printing company myself who will print them. The lack of understanding from BPP has been disgusting considering the amount of money we are paying and the amount they are saving on not running a building, staff being furloughed etc! The LPC is stressful enough, moving exams online and making them open book yet we cannot even use the permitted materials we would have if they weren’t open book.



Try PrintPond – it has saved me where BPP have failed.



It should also be flagged – that with core exams now running online, students are not allowed to access the online materials for the exams – they must be in hard copy. As the exams are e proctored – students are also not allowed to use an iPad to access the online materials. Students are not disgruntled because previous cohorts received copies – it is because students are only required the physical copies for the exams. So far students have been told to “be creative” with their note taking rather than actually being given their butter worth’s statutes. BPP have obviously also taken full fees from these students that have only just begun their studies. A recent quote I had on my printing materials was £300+. Costs that BPP are refusing to refund. No wonder all students are raising complainants! Ps. No one is even bothering to respond to student queries.


Current LPC Jan Start Student

This is completely untrue. No announcement has been made to us about printed materials. BPPs position has consistently been that printed materials will not be provided.


Former GDLer

I think because accelerated students complained that BPP finally agreed to provide permitted materials. An accelerated LPC student probably informed Legal Cheek.

But from other course’s perspective, yes, there is still no materials whatsoever, and they’re not communicating at all. It’s probably because BPP were scared of the accelerated students’ firms asking questions that they gave in on that one.

Divide and rule. Treat students like cows to be milked. It’s all what BPP does best.


Current lpc student

They haven’t sent any of us any of our materials and haven’t even told us they would either. Where is legal cheek even getting the idea this is happening?


Why are they still lying

Current Lpc LLM student

This is not true at all. Bpp have repeatedly told us they will not be providing us with materials. It was only last week my class was advised to either copy out the relevant statute ourself or print off their online copy ( 400 pages long)
I so far have spent 200 pounds on buying a printer, paper and ink. Many of us simply just can’t afford this.
Legal cheek please fact check these articles this is not the first article you have posted that is completely inconsistent with what is actually happening.


Current LLM LPS student at Manchester BPP

Where have you got this information from? I have just received a response TODAY from the committee meeting we had at the beginning of June saying that sending us are materials is “impossible” and no further explanation. This is clear lies. BPP have acted appalling throughout I would go as far as saying they are robbing there students. Shifting all costs to current year students whilst they save a ridiculous amount. No doubt trying to cushion the blow of any lost profits from international students not travelling in September but that’s not what are fees were for!!


Mohamed Alsari


I am intending to study at Manchester BPP for next year. Aside from this issue, how is your experience there ? I know that there might not be much as you just started, and have distanced learning



Having studied over the past couple of years the GDL at BPP and LPC at ULaw, I can confirm that Ulaw at least takes the needs of its students semi-seriously.

BPP doesn’t care about its students, and the senior management treats students grotesquely. The like VC and Dean of law school show nothing but contempt for students unfortunately.

The uni’s communications is also frankly terrible.

See the outage over BPP’s approach to COVID-19 a few months ago:



Moaners. This are hard right now to organise. Accept things take longer and might need some extra effort or go wrong. Get over it, show some resilience and sort it out for yourselves. If you can’t do that, you really need to think about another job choice.



It’s not ‘hard right now to organise’ as Ulaw students received all their materials for example. It’s also foolish to suggest people ‘get over it’ when law firms pay a lot of money for these courses. A u-turn on BPP’s part will soon occur, and people have a right to know what’s going on. Resilience is not about accepting a totally unacceptable (but avoidable situation), but actually raising it.

Suggest you think twice in the future before going around bemoaning others for raising legitimate concerns – involving irrational decisions and resources/budgets, which, ironically, is the exact career path we’re going down.



BPP has acted truly woefully, and students are not happy.

Opaque reasoning, by for example blaming the ‘printers’, insults most people’s intelligence. BPP’s printer is Ashford Colour Press, and they DID NOT CLOSE, contrary to BPP’s justification. It’s an obvious attempt to cut costs by hacking at the budget for course materials, right in front of our eyes.

BPP is also saying that students ‘should get use to it’ – but why do you University of Law students, for example, not have to put up with BPP’s rubbish? How much of the course fees are on printed materials, which BPP is now refusing to provide?

As a sponsored LPC student, I will implore my firm – and students paying themselves – to avoid BPP.


ULaw student

ULaw sent out materials internationally at the end of April when lockdown was in full swing and at no additional cost to the students. BPP has no excuse.



This whole situation has been ridiculous. Online classes are also being merged meaning there has sometimes been upwards of 50 students per one tutor in an SGS. Students should be compensated through a reduction in fees. It is only fair that BPP pass it’s cost cutting down to the end users as our education is undoubtably being affected.


Less printing more studying

The UK was in lockdown. We all lost loved ones. Some morons complained about toilet paper. Others about printed paper. Let’s put it into perspective and save the environment. Sorry but no sympathy.



Hey moron, we can’t sit our exams without our books. Maybe we don’t want our >16k payment to go to waste because this school can’t do the bare minimum. Not as if we didn’t also lose family or friends either.



The first rule of open book exams is don’t open your books. The best pass open book exams without looking at anything. If you need that crutch then you are mediocre.



Ah yes, I’ll memorise the entire Butterworths Company Handbook to prove I’m smart. We are meant to have these books even for non-open book exams. Get your head out of your ass.



I never had to look up anything. Ever. You’re about to started swimming with the big fish. Welcome to the realisation that being top in your class at school means nothing.


As someone thinking about self funding the lpc, this is pretty bad! Wondering if anyone had advice on whether Ulaw or BPP is better?



They’re both awful. Pick your poison.



I did the GDL at ULaw Bloomsbury and the LPC at BPP Holborn. ULaw is way more of a university than BPP and the IT (while still awful) is still better so if lockdown happens again you may be better off. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but pick ULaw.



I did the LPC with ULaw last year.

From a student support POV it was no worse than my RG uni. They aren’t fantastic but, as others have made out, the individual lecturers care to some degree and the organisation at least makes the right noises in supporting their students. Can’t comment on BPP.


Current LPC student

I have printed out all the chapter handout and it wasn’t cheap, I can’t do the same for permitted materials tho because…
CF & EF LPDT RULES: 848 pages
CF & EF Additional Permitted Materials Booklet: 94 pages
so for CF alone we have almost 1000 pages of permitted materials, and it is hard to read & highlight & tab them on my laptop screen. I don’t know what they expect us to do here.


Student BPP 2020

Wow as a future international student of BPP i’m shocked. What they market is not what they sell definitely. Now I am wondering if I need to pay those tuition fees. I hope they remedy to the matter asap!


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