Tributes pour in for LSE law graduate who fell from bridge while escaping burning car

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Azra Kemal was due to commence LPC

Azra Kemal (via Facebook)

An LSE law graduate has died after falling from a bridge in an attempt to flee a burning car.

Azra Kemal, 24, was travelling from London, where she lived, when she reportedly plunged 40 feet to her death from a viaduct on the A21 and onto the land below. She was pronounced dead at the scene by South East Coast Ambulance Service. The death is not being treated as suspicious.

Kent Police, who were alerted to the incident in the early hours of Thursday morning, say Kemal is understood to have fallen near an exit for Tonbridge while seeking assistance after a car she was travelling in caught alight.

The police have urged anyone with information or any footage of the incident to come forward.

Kamal graduated in law from the London School of Economics in 2019, a spokesperson from the university told this website. The graduate was due to commence the Legal Practice Course this year, the Mail Online reports.

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Her mother, Nevres Kemal, 56, told the newspaper that she had phoned her just minutes prior to the incident to say that she was on her way home from a night out with friends. She said her home in North London now feels empty without her only child, adding:

“She was really and truly the air that I breathe. That is all I live for, for her. I am in total shock. I do not know what to say. She was such a giver, she was so bright and feisty.”

She said her daughter’s last words were, “please don’t let me die”.

Jason Farrell, an editor at Sky News, paid tribute to the former law student, who he described as “talented, tenacious and full of fun”. He said:

“She cared deeply about people, was a great friend and occasional fixer helping me create some of my best work at Sky News. She will be hugely missed.”

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Horrible, RIP


Rest in Peace Azra. Our thoughts and condolences are with your family. No parent should lose their child in such a way. She had such a bright future ahead of her.


Life is so precious and hearing about a death like this really puts it into perspective. It could be any one of us.

We are all so wrapped up in our career progression and trying to strive for these titles and achievements but in the end that could be taken from us in a second.

Just a message out to everyone reading this – in the legal world we are trapped inside this little bubble but in the big scheme of things none of this stuff is important.

Your family, friends, memories and life moments are the real gems of life. You cannot replace true happiness with achievements and career titles. Live life and enjoy every moment.


Everyone is in the rat race to get the best law firm TC/pupillage and best salary but you’re right, sometimes we overlook the things that matter whilst we’re chasing these things.

Rest in peace Azra, a life taken from this earth too soon. She deserved so much more and my thoughts are with her family.


Truth be told, for such a long time I was also one of those law students so set on finding a six figure law firm salary and I was money driven.

I’m starting to understand why people kept telling me that there is no point in chasing a 100k nq salary when you don’t have the time to enjoy that money. Life goes fast and it all flies by in the blink of an eye.

You spend your early 20s chasing that TC and NQ position and then spend your late 20s and early 30s chasing that senior associate salary and title. You spend your late 30s and early 40s chasing that partner title. And for what? Life doesn’t begin after you make partner. Life doesn’t begin after your pension comes through and your retirement starts. Life doesn’t begin after you make a thick six figure salary.

Please take this time to get some perspective and enjoy your life. All of this extra stuff is just to fill the gaps whilst life is happening.


Well said! I bet the few dislikes you have had are from people who did exactly that and now reflecting on where did golden years go!

RIP beautiful one.


So sad, can’t imagine how bereft her mother must be.

What we value is really important. When we die, no one regrets not working enough. It’s just a means to an end. People wish that they had spent more time together with their loved ones.

Random passer-by

Read about this over the weekend and felt really sad. She worked hard to pull herself to a good place and was on the cusp of a brilliant career I’m sure. RIP, and I hope her mother finds strength to keep going. To lose a child is devastating, but to lose your only child can really strip your life of any purpose and will make it tough to carry on. I hope she has people close to her to pull her through this, so she can find some joy and purpose in her life moving forward.


Thank you for your kind messages on your platform. Azra was my little cousin, we grew up together. She was so talented and has been taken from us far too soon. Big Az will always be with you My Little Az. RIP xxx


I’m so sorry for your loss Aran. Nothing I say will make it any easier for you but I send prayers to you and the rest of the family and God willing you all have to strength to get through this difficult time together.

LSE Grad 2019 LLB

Fucking terrible news.

Rika Virides

I am devastated to hear this news. I was very close to Azra when she was at EBS and I have thought about her a lot over the years. She sent a message to me a couple of years ago through her cousin who joined the school to tell me she was happy. My heart goes out to her mother whom I also knew as a devoted mum to Azra. Such sadness. God give you strength and courage.
Rest in peace my beautiful girl. My heart aches and I will never forget you.

Michele and Family

Azra was a firework of a girl. Full of colour, spark and beauty – you knew when she was in the room. My heart goes out to Nevres and the rest of the family; there just aren’t words enough to express the sheer shock and grief of this monumental loss. I have a candle lit for this beautiful spirit and pray for her loved ones left behind.

Passer by

Truly awful news, thoughts and prayers go out to all her friends and family.

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