Concerned girlfriend goes public with boyfriend’s plan to quit law school to become podcaster

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‘How do I convince him this is the worst idea ever?’ she asks in Reddit post

A concerned girlfriend has gone public with her boyfriend’s plan to quit law school to pursue a career as professional podcaster. This is despite him having “barely 30 listeners”.

Taking to Reddit this week, the unnamed 22-year-old explains how her boyfriend and his friends started recording a sports-themed podcast around two months ago.

But what initially started as a “hobby” appears to have escalated into something more serious, with the unnamed bf now considering dropping out of law school because he “can’t concentrate on both studying and running a podcast” and he “would rather do what he loves”.

His worried partner — who doesn’t appear to be based in the UK — accepts this would be “fine if what he loved wasn’t a two-month old podcast with barely 30 listeners and the same content of at least a hundred other podcasts”. Ouch!

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She continues:

“On top of that, his parents (who pay our rent) are threatening to cut us off if he goes through with this. He just says his parents are gonna take us in but I really don’t want to live with my parents in law and I’m an intern in a big expensive city. I can’t pay rent with my wages, can’t f*ck off back to my town due to COVID restrictions and even if I could I don’t have the money.”

The anonymous user rounds off her post by asking: “[H]ow do I convince him this is the worst idea ever?”

Responses so far range from helpful (“ask him to write up a business plan”) to slightly less helpful (“remember that law schools are hell and only the crazy people make it through law school”).

What should our intrepid podcaster do? Advice below the line…

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Beef Wellington

Great article, 10/10.



I love that everyone will know this comment is pure sarcasm.


Showround @ Bakers

This story would matter more if he was based in the UK and even then it wouldn’t matter much.



It would matter even more than that if OP had actually written into Legal Cheek for this and were therefore monitoring these comments for any advice from genuine commenters, and even then it wouldn’t matter much.



Go for it bro.



Has she considered being a strong, independent woman and supporting herself?



Dump the idiot and move on.


Good Game

Unfortunately financial stability is really important for relationships the older you get (maybe not at 22, but sounds like they are both already getting on with their careers to some extent). Law may not be as fun as hosting a sports podcast (in fact it definitely isn’t) but I do know I haven’t had to worry about money since I qualified (haven’t had kids yet, which will change that!) and that’s a big deal.


US anon

This is not as stupid as it might seem. Law school is significantly more expensive in the US. If he knows he is unlikely to get (or doesn’t want) a law job after graduation, dropping out now will save him £100k (he is likely a 1L given the age)

Since this is the US, the guy also already has an undergrad degree. He can use that degree to get a job which provides him with enough income to life off while he works on developing the podcast on the side.

The GF seems to be more concerned about herself than if this is the right decision for him.


Just FYI

Dump the loser lmaoo


wtf boys

Who will pay her rent?



Is this satire?


Feminine, not feminist

Oh dear. You cannot ever really control a man – he’ll only dump the woman eventually for someone who accepts him. If dating a lawyer means so much to her, why not find another lawyer to go out with?

Imagine the backlash if a man wanted his gf to give up her podcast and go to work.



If he’s in the US that’s not unreasonable. Law school there is only for postgraduates and very expensive. Not to mention the student loan system is highly exploitive. Dropping out will save him a huge amount of debt and if the podcast fails he’s got an undergrad degree so it’s not like he has no options.



What about the past 2 years’ amount that he has already spent on law school? Should that invested begone to waste?



Sunk cost fallacy



The guy has the right idea. Maybe not with the sports podcast specifically, but certainly with getting out of law school and freelancing to success.

Let’s face it. All the people posting sneering comments will reach the same decision as this guy, only 10 years later. And by then they’ll have wives who will threaten to leave them and take the kids away if they go through with it.

At least this guy knows his girlfriends intentions early on, and has no commitments.



He needs to continue. As a barrister, I rarely have more than about 20 listeners: he’s got 30. What’s not to like?



Tell him you are leaving if he does this. A former law student with a non existent podcast shouldn’t be too impressive on the dating scene.



To be honest, it might not be a bad idea. Let him do the podcast for a few months and if the numbers don’t increase, he can always go back to law.

Firms seem to like individuals with some social media presence these days. Maybe the podcast will give him some internet fame.



You’re dating an idiot.
All these people who are saying he is saving 1 years’ money^, what about the past 2 years’ money that he has already invested? Let that go to waste? How vain


Tok Tik

You need to learn the concept of the sunk cost fallacy before you start calling other people idiots.



if this makes him happy, I’d say support him, maybe even financially



>Implying law school isn’t also a terrible idea


Anonymous publicly funded barrister

They need to watch series 1 of “This Life” and see how it turns out for Eg ( and Milly)


Fact, Fiction or Foreign Jurisdiction?



Nice plug of your podcast. If you slip a tenner into Alex’s pocket, LC will write an article about you.


Fact, Fiction or Foreign Jurisdiction?

We would but, unlike the subject of this article, we’re qualified and would rather use our stat dec earnings for beer!


Fact, Fiction or Foreign Jurisdiction?

We would but, unlike the subject of this article, we’re qualified and would rather use our stat dec earnings for beer!

Podcast is definitely worth a review though Alex ; )


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