The lawyer who could be the first female US President

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Joe Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris is the California senator and served as the state’s attorney general

Kamala Harris — via Wikimedia Commons

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden named Kamala Harris as his running mate yesterday meaning we could see a lawyer become the first female President of the United States.

At 77, many believe Biden will see out only one term should he be elected; leaving his number two, Harris, 55, to take the top job. Biden signalled to aides late last year he would serve only a single term.

Harris, who represents California in the US Senate and previously served as the state’s attorney general, last night became the first Black and Indian American woman in the role of Vice-President. She has long been considered a front-runner for the VP pick.

She tweeted: “I’m honored to join him [Biden] as our party’s nominee for Vice-President, and do what it takes to make him our Commander-in-Chief.”

Only two other women have been nominated as Vice-Presidential candidates for a major party — Sarah Palin by the Republican party in 2008 and Geraldine Ferraro by the Democrats in 1984. Neither ended up the winning ticket. No woman has won the US presidency either.

Taking to Twitter, Biden announced the “great honour” to pick Harris as his presidential partner, describing her as a “fearless fighter for the little guy, and one of the country’s finest public servants”.

Former US President Barack Obama also acknowledged Harris’ appointment for a presidential ticket. “She is more than prepared for the job,’ he wrote on Twitter. “She’s spent her career defending our constitution and fighting for folks who need a fair shake. This is a good day for our country.”

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Harris was born in Oakland, California, to two immigrant parents. She is biracial of Indian-Jamaican heritage: her mother was born in India, and her father in Jamaica. She attended college in the US, spending four years at Howard University before embarking on a law degree at the University of California, Hastings College of Law.

She worked her way up in local district attorneys’ offices before being elected the district attorney for San Francisco in 2003. Seven years later the Democrat was elected to serve as California’s attorney general, the top lawyer and law enforcement official in America’s most populous state.

In a tweet yesterday Biden reflected saying Harris worked closely with his late son Beau back when they were both attorney generals, taking on “the big banks, lift[ing] up working people, and protect[ing] women and kids from abuse”.

In 2016, Harris was elected as California’s senator. She launched her candidacy for president last year which eventually fizzled out.

Harris lives in Los Angeles, California, with her husband of six years and two stepchildren. It appears we have a double legal connection as Harris’s husband, Douglas Emhoff, 55, is a partner in the Los Angeles and Washington offices of global law firm DLA Piper, according to his firm profile.

Emhoff is a litigator with a specialty in media, sport and entertainment, and intellectual property law, and has publicly supported Kamala in her political campaign.

The 2020 US presidential election is scheduled for Tuesday 3 November.

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I wish her all the best.



Trump is getting his second term. If anything her appointment will turn away more centrists on the verge of voting for the Dems. Sad but true.


Republican voter

No “centrists“ are going to decide not to vote for Biden because of Kamala. Beside the fact that the impact of the VP pick is negligible, both of them are on the centralist end of the Democratic Party. This was the safest pick if you are aiming for the center-left.

The only “centrists“ who are going to be turned away are racists and misogynists, but they were already voting for Trump.


Stats man

538 leans otherwise…



538 shat the bed in 2016



Yeah, it was wrong then. However, the models are shifted to reflect that. In fact, you generally see them shifted too far the other way. More reason to believe that Biden has his. I think Trump and his army of hillbilly and fatcat supporters are doomed.



“I should be elected because I’m a woman” is not a persuasive argument.

Clearly, the democrats have learned nothing from 2016.



Not quite sure that’s the takeaway here. You are 1) assuming Americans did not vote for Hillary because of her gender, without 2) considering her nightmare/questionable political decisions throughout her career, 3) the negative media coverage as a result of the email scandal coupled with the campaign’s inability to address this head on until far too late and 4) her inability to unite the party when she beat Sanders in the primary.

If anything, Kamala strengthens Biden’s chances because unlike Clinton, when Warren and Sanders took too long to get behind and even then, the endorsements were lukewarm at best, both have showered praise for Biden’s pick.

And if we want to get really technical, even Athetics best stumper—Obama—couldn’t help Clinton’s toxic brand. I don’t see how you can equate the two. She’s a VP nominee with very good law and order credentials while running to the centre-left. A lot of the criminal justice reforms she made in California were HERALDED by Republicans.

I think this ticket is more attractive to (non-racist), middle and upper class, college educated conservatives which was the group Clinton missed big with in 2016.

But let’s just wait and see what the polls in swing states say in the next few weeks. If anything is certain in 2020, it’s that nothing is certain or going to plan in 2020.



it’s really not a surprise she’s a lawyer, it seems like the main route into top level politics in the US, unlike the UK where the link isn’t as strong. Especially the corporate firm to presidential level link.

Also I bench press bare brah u mirin?



UK politicians are mainly PPE grads


“The lawyer who could be the first female US President”

I thought she was a candidate for Vice President. Or does LC has access to some secret information about Joe Biden? Always suspected that Alex is working for CIA – all those suspicious trips to Hong Kong and Middle East for “promotion” of University of Law.



Legal Cheek explained it in the second paragraph.

“At 77, many believe Biden will see out only one term should he be elected; leaving his number two, Harris, 55, to take the top job. Biden signalled to aides late last year he would serve only a single term.”

Helps if you read the article rather than just the headline before commenting!


Can you read? This does not explain it at all. This election does not bring her any closer to becoming US President. If you check the results of elections for the past 100 years Vice Presidents (Bush obvious example to the contrary) rarely become Presidents unless something like Watergate or 1963 Dallas happens.

She will need to be elected in 2024 (with likely contested primaries from the radical wing of her party).



It does in fact bring her closer to the presidency, as if Biden for some reason doesn’t complete his term then she takes over.


But what is a chance of this happening? Out of 14 VPs after the end of WWII this happened only to Johnson and Ford. And it took history changing disasters like 1963 Dallas shooting or Watergate to do this. This is why I have asked if LC has some secret information, otherwise this article does not make any sense.


You are an absolute bozo.

The VP can become president (even temporarily) if any sort of health issue should befall the sitting president. At his age and with speculation surrounding his mental acumen, it’s not unreasonable to think Biden might drop off before his first term is over. Contrary to how Trump manages to comport himself, the leader of the free world is quite a taxing job (check how quickly Obama aged). Biden may not have the legs…

But I digress, have you literally never seen a television show which explains how a VP becomes president if the president dies or can be temporarily sworn in as acting president if the president becomes incapacitated in some way?

Instead of faulting LC’s reporting, do a bloody google search. Aren’t law students meant to be good at researching facts to support their arguments?



“If you check the results of elections for the past 100 years Vice Presidents (Bush obvious example to the contrary) rarely become Presidents unless something like Watergate or 1963 Dallas happens.”

Legal Cheek literally answered your question in the paragraph I posted. Since you obviously didn’t read it, I’ll post the relevant part again.

“At 77, many believe Biden will see out only one term should he be elected; leaving his number two, Harris, 55, to take the top job. Biden signalled to aides late last year he would serve only a single term.”

No special knowledge is required here. The fact that Biden only intends to serve one term is public knowledge. If he formally steps down before then, Harris becomes president (even if she then instantly loses it at the 2024 election).

Do you understand now, or must this be made even more idiot proof for you?


Libeturd Leftie

Progressive wing of her party… there I fixed it for you. PLus your slip is showing


Kamala fan girl

Was quite disappointed to know she was not the presidential nominee, way back when. Very pleased that she will be the VP runner.


Kamala fan girl

Ah yes, someone upholding the law. I imagine this is taken wholly out of context so everyone can feel appalled. If they’re anything like the kids who truant in the UK, and the parents who seem to allow this, then perfectly understandable treatment.

Imagine practicing law with a believe that some can break the law while others cannot.


fuck kamala fangirl

Ah yes, jailing someone because they are black, for minor drug offences, or for truancy, you must feel right at home coming from a shithole white supremacist paradise that brutalises the underclass?

What would be perfectly understandable is if you were stabbed by one of these kids, because of your victorian fundamentalist christian, daily mail views on crime and punishment.

She has done so much for black people, I hope they remember all of her fine work in the coming election.



Her Dad is from Jamaica, he’s half white, half black. Her mother is 100% Indian from India lol.

She’s not black.



She is. Her father is from Jamaica. Okay, there are “blacker” people out there. That does not mean that she is not black.

People like you make me SICK to the bone.



I see. The racists trying to vote me down again. Disgusting.



Attorneys General not Attorney Generals


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