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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

City lawyers are a resilient bunch, but not immune [Financial Times]

The Secret Barrister exposes how political and media charlatans have vandalised the rule of law [Prospect]

It’s not “activist lawyers” this government hates, but the laws themselves [New Statesman] (registration required)

‘Attempt to demonize lawyers is a worrying sign of disregard for rule of law’ [The Justice Gap]

Gross injustice at the Court of Justice [The Critic]

I’m A So-Called ‘Activist Lawyer’ Who Assists Migrants. Here’s What I Actually Do [Huffington Post]

Piers Corbyn may be a crank but his treatment should worry us all [Barrister Blogger]

Secure your place: The Scottish Virtual Law Fair 2020

I stopped two unlawful removals last week — how does that make me an “activist lawyer”? [Free Movement]

Preparing law students for the inevitable role of technology in their careers [Legal Futures]

Activist lawyers exist — see climate change [Law Society Gazette]

Virtual Event: Restructuring and private equity during a global crisis — with Weil [Legal Cheek Events]

“The biggest advantage is no more time wasted sitting around in the office waiting for things to come in (which sometimes can take hours). Can now use those pockets of time effectively, whether that’s going for a walk, exercising or spending time with your kids/family.” [Legal Cheek comments]

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