BLM retains 7 out of 19 trainee solicitors

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BLM has confirmed its autumn 2020 trainee retention score.

From a qualifying cohort of 19, the insurance law specialist retained just seven associates-to-be. It did not provide details of the departments or offices its newly-qualified (NQ) solicitors will qualify into.

Legal Cheek’s Firms Most List shows those sticking around will start on a salary of £45,000 in London and £31,000 in the regions. BLM offers around 25 training contracts each year.

The 2020-21 Legal Cheek Firms Most List

News of the retention score comes just weeks after BLM announced it is to close two of its offices, in Leeds and Bristol, as part of a push towards greater flexible working in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The firm also launched a redundancy consultation that will impact up to 89 roles across its legal support and corporate services teams.

Speaking at the time, BLM’s senior partner Matthew Harrington said it “could never have fully known the impact this pandemic would have on our business and the need to rapidly accelerate our digital strategy, transforming the way we are working”.



45k in London?? Bloody hell. Here’s hoping those not kept on move up in the world.


traps raider

Ouch, £45k at NQ level in the City is tight af

There’s stacks of first year trainees on more than that



Yeah, it works out as only £2,853 net of tax, not accounting for student loan repayments, pension contributions, benefits etc. You’d probably end up being left with less than £2,300-2,400 per month.

That’s really slim pickings for being a qualified solicitor in London.



*Bruce Forsyth voice* SEVEN?



Didn’t know that Black Lives Matter did TCs.



Major ooof


Quality beyond borders

Absolute class!! What a titan!



Genuinely never heard of BLM… not sure why this is a whole article.


Get a grip

They have an annual revenue of more than £100m so they’re a decent sized firm. Sounds like a failure in your knowledge than a reason to shit on a firm. 7/19 trainees is a shocking result and definitely newsworthy given the current climate.



Didn’t know Black Lives Matter was a law firm??



Dismal. I would expect more from BLM.



£45k? Why bother?



Average work day of 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.



Considering the base salary of a tube driver is 55K, this is chicken feed for a London NQ. SMH


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