Lamborghini-driving Aussie criminal barrister in legal row over ‘offensive’ number plate

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‘LGOPNR’ = leg opener

Peter Lavac’s yellow Lamborghini

A top Aussie barrister has reportedly won a legal battle with local transport authorities over the “offensive” number plate on his bright yellow supercar.

High profile Sydney lawyer Peter Lavac was ordered to remove the personalised “LGOPNR” number plate from his Lamborghini by Transport for NSW. But the former Hong Kong crown prosecutor hit back, successfully arguing at a hearing this month that most people would never realise it meant “leg opener”.

“How can anyone be offended by something if they don’t know what the f*** it means?” the criminal law specialist asked The Sunday Telegraph. He claimed the yellow and gold plates were “tongue-in-cheek” and that he was just “taking the p***’ out of himself”.

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Transport bigwigs reportedly backed down, which the barrister believed was because they relied on outdated legislation.

Tara McCarthy, Transport for NSW safety, environment and regulation deputy secretary, said: “If a member of the public finds a plate offensive they can report it to Transport for NSW which will investigate and the plate may then be recalled.”

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