London law firm seeks dog walker on £30k a year

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Dog (Banger) for illustrative purposes only

A London law firm is looking to recruit a dog walker on a salary of up to £30,000 a year.

The somewhat unusual ‘Private Assistant and Dog Walker’ role is currently being advertised on behalf of Joseph Hage Aaronson, a litigation specialist with offices in Holborn.

The “predominantly non-desk based” position comes with tasks including “running errands” and general personal support, “which will include some caring of the principal’s small dog”, according to the online ad.

The ideal candidate, who can earn up to £30,000 a year, must have “demonstrable experience looking after and walking dogs”, as well as a “can-do attitude” and the “ability to work in fast-paced and ever-changing environment”.

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The core hours for the role will be 9am-6pm Monday to Friday, however the successful candidate must be willing to be flexible on occasion.

Joseph Hage Aaronson has been approached for comment.

Incredibly, this isn’t the first legally-themed dog walking role to grace the pages of Legal Cheek.

We reported in 2018 that a “highly regarded” QC was looking to recruit a Bar Professional Training Course graduate to walk their pampered pooch. The ad went on to claim the “intense position” would provide the successful candidate with “a great lift up to obtaining pupillage”.

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Legal aid lawyer

Well this is depressing



For you only, as you are simply not qualified for the job.


Janice Weaver

Can I as a 66 year old very fit no longer required granny apply?
Email is



I love that job that job my dream



What are the academic requirements?



That you have to ask, means you are most inappropriate for this position.



The fact that you feel this is an appropriate comment means you are most inappropriate in multiple facets.



a high 2.1 a bachelors in geography, or classics, or history, or languages from Oxbridge. I guess that the best use for their degrees. Perhaps with the OXford name and the useless degree you can also be a prime minister.



What is the point having or getting a dog if you do have time to walk or care for it?



AAB at A Level – do you think my pooch is a moron or something?



Woof woof


Addleshaws are the best innit

My dream job. You even earn more than a DWF senior associate.

And get to cuddle a dog all day long.



Well, that’s more than what they used to offer their paralegals about two years ago. If their paralegals are still on this crappy pay, maybe JHA should ask them first if they want a £5k bonus and some nicer companion?



What’s the point in getting a dog if you are too busy to walk it. Foolishness.


Old Guy

Never a truer word was said. But many people want the unconditional love of a pet or a child but don’t want to sacrifice any of their time.



Life doesn’t stand still, you don’t know the situation why make a negative comment. I’m sure they will find someone who fits in and enjoys getting out of the office to walk the dog.



So by your ‘logic’ only people who are around 24/7 should have a dog? People need to make a living at the end of the day and I’d rather they hired a pro dog walker than leave the dog at home all day.



By their logic people who are paid to look after a dog should have availability to look after said dog



Yeah that’s dumb. Dog walkers fill a niche. You get a dog walker so that somebody can look after your dog while you are at work during the day.



I need this job… please… (shivering in the cold)



MAYBE you should have studied harder and obtained a decent level of competence, now get back to work or it’s early to bed with no supper for you, lazy bones.



Many people have excellent qualifications, work extremely hard, are an asset to their employers, but have been hit hard by the current financial climate and/or covid-19, and through no fault of their own are losing their jobs and homes. How dare you assume that someone who asks for a job is stupid and lazy. If they were lazy they wouldn’t be actively looking for work.



You’re a sorry excuse for a human being. Have you heard of compassion? Empathy? Or are those words too big for your vocabulary…



Perhaps PDQ should share some of their fantastic qualifications to back up their pointless trolling in an otherwise pleasant forum!!!



Should they ever relocate to Newcastle Upon Tyne then I’m their person. Ofcourse their pampered pooch must get along with my pampered Princess Corina or Romania. We can lie on the bed and watch movies after a stroll along the promenade. Yes let me know when you’re up here. ?????



That job is right up my street. How do I apply. In fact the job was made for me. X


Pauline McLaughlin

I live in Belfast. Work as a social worker with excess stress. Would relocate for a dream job like this?


Miss M R Shah

Is your Hooman lawyer looking for a dog walker?


Just Don't!

For sure you’d be below the doggie in pecking order.



I have 2 dachshunds of my own, good luck there, some can be willing to go for a stroll, however my two love the duvet. Lol


Denise Jones

I am your person. I am very patient and reliable.



It sounds like a dream job!!! What is the age limit.



Get a grip…..of your own dog’s lead….:)


Tony Grace

I’m your man,having had the pleasure of walking all assortment of the cainine breeds even the 2 legged one’s I am sure I will fit in quite quickly to this environment


Sharon Mantell

I have 2 dogs and love them to bits , calm gentle hard working funny love helping anyone pm me .



Can they smash PE deals? If not they are useless to me.



I earn more than this just simply dog walking and my hours are usually 9/10-4, I control my own working schedule and don’t have to fit in around somebodies rides life.
This £30000 breaks down to just £115 per day.m (£12 per hour) So the fact that they want you to dog walk, do other errands and be available to them from 9-6 AND on top of that be flexible to suit them this salary is not enough.



On a plate and don’t need to hunt though


Bobby Jobby

Brilliant…Sheer brilliance on their part…All this publicity is worth way more than the 30,000 salary . Like the little old lady who wants to borrow 1000 pounds for 1 month.leaves her rolls royce as collateral ,safely parked at bank and flies off to wherever.comes back, pays the loan back plus a bit of interest..Has avoided a months parking fee at the airport..


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