Dentons triggers redundancy consultation with launch of ‘virtual roles’

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Up to 24 lawyer positions at risk

Global behemoth Dentons has kicked off a redundancy consultation which could affect up to 24 lawyers across its UK offices — but stresses cuts will be “significantly reduced” with the creation of new “virtual roles”.

The largest law firm in the world by lawyer headcount said it was looking to create a “small number of virtual roles” in its energy, transport and infrastructure and non-contentious construction teams, as part of an ongoing shift towards remote working in response to the global pandemic. Other roles will be shifted to Scotland.

Dentons confirmed it is in the process of reviewing salaries with respect to the new virtual roles, “to ensure that they are fair and equitable”.

Virtual roles aside, the firm announced it will undertake a redundancy exercise with up to 24 roles across London, Milton Keynes and Glasgow “potentially impacted”.

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UKME CEO Jeremy Cohen commented: “Considering transformational shifts in the delivery of services sometimes means having to make proposals that, while focused on the need to build a sustainable long-term business, may regrettably impact the lives of some of our colleagues and cause uncertainty.”

He continued:

“The processes themselves are also never easy for our staff and we know that the consultation exercise in these practices will understandably cause a degree of uncertainty for some. We are very focused on supporting all potentially impacted colleagues throughout this process, and our priority now is to work towards providing them with clarity, and removing any uncertainty as soon as possible.”

News of the redundancy consultation follows the firm’s decision earlier this summer to close two of its UK regional offices, in Aberdeen and Watford, with all staff due to work from home permanently.

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Virtual person

Virtual roles? The future looks bleak.



The fact that a giant firm like Dentons is considering cuts when other large firms are repaying salary cuts, shelling out Covid bonuses and money is raining down on its partners is outrageous.

What a third-tier, bloated poxy shop.



Yup, dog shit firm.


What a toilet

It’s just ludicrous greed from the partners who prefer to bag extra cash instead of keeping roles viable. Hopefully prospective graduates notice how the firm treated it’s employees when times were bad and stay well away


Dentons dodger

Dodged a bullet. Chose a different US firm instead.


fuck Dentons

agreed. we literally have an article on Osborne Clarke repaying the salary cuts it made during lockdown sitting right next to this one on the homepage



What would a newly made-up partner be pocketing at this shop? How would it vary between the different UK offices?



Dentons is literally the McDonalds of commercial law.


MC Associate



Forever Associate

Why are they targeting of the non-con construction and infrastructure teams? My firm’s projects team are busier than ever – most lawyers are on 10-12 hour days (80-85% chargeable) for pretty much the whole year to date. I think a few even worked across from Dentons’ construction team a few times.

I wonder if they’re trying to push the practice out of the firm… I know it’s not as profitable an area as say oil/gas M&A or private equity deals which are busy areas for Dentons.


Such Dentons, much quality

Pure and utter greed, especially given how Osborne Clarke (a far smaller firm) have just announced they’d true everyone up for the past cuts.


BPTC Student

Remote working, great. Lose the “virtual role” terms though. The role is not defined from where you press the keys.


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