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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

John Thomas — Why our judges are not “activist” [Prospect Magazine]

Can Magna Carta and “common law” give you immunity from Covid regulations? [The Secret Barrister]

Brexit makes no legal difference to the United Kingdom being able to authorise the new coronavirus vaccine [The Law and Policy Blog]

What does the child trans judgement mean? [The Critic]

Secure your place: The Legal Cheek December UK Virtual Pupillage Fair

Judges may tell MPs how far they can go [A Lawyer Writes]

Our values can civilise political discourse [Law Society Gazette]

Nicholas Reed Langen: Reforming the Supreme Court [UK Constitutional Law Association]

“An extraordinary yet humble man with a wry grin and Irish style who knew the value and price of justice.” [Legal Cheek comments]

Virtual Event: Innovation and the law — with BARBRI, BCLP, Irwin Mitchell and Elevate [Legal Cheek Events]

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