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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

An unusual submission: Suella Braverman fails to persuade judges that three killers received unduly lenient sentences [A Lawyer Writes]

Unless he apologises Tim Crosland should never work as a barrister again [BarristerBlogger]

On deliberate contempt as professional martyrdom [Lawyer Watch]

Why Elon Musk’s pigs are a legal headache [Legal Cheek Journal]

Human rights are a vital component of democracy: The government’s review of the Human Rights Act would make a mistake if it undermined the power of the courts [The Times]

The latest comments from across Legal Cheek

Why the well-intentioned Online Harms Bill could lead us into a new era of sinister state censorship [The Daily Mail]

Section 007 — how the government authorises criminal activity by its agents, and a telling recent disclosure [The Law and Policy Blog]

Is parliament really sovereign? New legislation forces us to reckon with the central constitutional question [Prospect Magazine]

JR is the only route for challenging Covid restrictions [The Law Society Gazette]

“All the best to those being made redundant at such a horrible time of year and in such uncertain times. These things can happen to anyone. There is so much luck involved in a legal career — right trainee seats, right mentors, firm performing well at times you need it to, partnership prospects and rivals appearing/disappearing at the right points, health (mental and physical) holding out throughout the process of working your way up. It works out in the end though.” [Legal Cheek comments]

Apply to attend: Law firms in the era of sustainable capitalism — with Travers Smith [Legal Cheek Events]

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