Lambo lawyer loses legal fight to keep ‘offensive’ number plate

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Cops seize controversial ‘LGOPNR’ reg

Peter Lavac’s yellow Lamborghini

A high flying Aussie barrister has vowed never to back down to “fat cat bullies” after losing a legal battle to keep his “offensive” number plates on his bright yellow supercar.

Transport for NSW initially ordered Sydney lawyer Peter Lavac to remove the personalised “LGOPNR” number plate from his Lamborghini.

But the former Hong Kong crown prosecutor successfully challenged the decision, arguing the order was written under the wrong legislation. Lavac also claimed that most people would never realise the number plate meant “leg opener”.

NSW Transport bigwigs didn’t stop there, however. In a letter to Lavac, they explained that his registration would be cancelled if he failed to handover the controversial plates. But despite launching another appeal Lavac was pulled over by police earlier this month and stripped of his number plates.

The latest comments from across Legal Cheek now reports that the 74-year-old lawyer’s appeal has been dismissed after magistrate Greg Elks deemed the number plates offensive.

Lavac is taking the setback in his stride. He’s apparently already got a number of replacements in mind, including a moniker of clothing brand ‘FCUK’ and ‘XLEGO’ — an abbreviation for for “extra-large ego”.

“The main reason I took these people to court was to send a message,” he told reporters outside court. “And that was my way of saying, as politely as I know how, ‘Hey guys, this is the 21st century. This is Australia. This is a free country. This is a democracy. This is not the Soviet Union’. So get a life. Get a sense of humour and get over it.”

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