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A BPP student explains why she and some fellow LPCers aren’t happy

Students have had a tough time during the pandemic, with many finding that online teaching doesn’t quite match the in-person experience and some disappointed with their universities’ responses to the COVID lockdowns.

In law, a group of BPP University students have been particularly vocal with their complaints, publishing an open letter outlining their unhappiness with delivery of the Legal Practice Course (LPC). This letter has been reported widely across the legal press.

Legal Cheek reporter Adam Mawardi sat down with one of this group of BPP students to hear first-hand their claims and complaints. Listen to their interview in the podcast below (the student’s voice has been disguised):

BPP has responded stating that it does not comment publicly on individual complaints but that “formalised complaints raised by students are taken extremely seriously and go through our robust, credible and independent procedure of review.”

You can listen to the podcast in full via the embed above, or on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.



I’m a BPP student and this guy is pretty embarrassing. The complaints he raises are valid but he makes mountains out of molehills on many occasions. If anything, the move to online teaching has exacerbated the latent deficiencies in the teaching style and module structure that BPP operate, and existed well before COVID. I would however, be seething if I was paying the London rate for this course.


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