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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

Bad law in a good cause [The Critic]

Who should barristers be allowed to act for? [Prospect]

Extradition: a level playing field? [A Lawyer Writes]

Why the ECJ still has a role to play in Britain’s lawmaking [Spectator]

The UK-EU Trade Deal: Five Important Implications for the UK Parliament [UK Constitutional Law Association]

Beggaring the pardons — why the presidential power to pardon needs to be regulated [The Law and Policy Blog]

Secure your place: The SQE Sessions

Londoners aren’t breaking coronavirus rules en masse. They’re terrified [New Statesman]

Nazi Aryanisation of intellectual property – and contemporary efforts to restore it [IPKat]

How to keep junior lawyers happy [Law Society Gazette]

“The issue is that Perry would have been lending a veneer of respectability to a show trial. Raab was right to call this out and had he waited until judgment was handed down his commentary would have had no value whatsoever.” [Legal Cheek comments]

Virtual Event: How to secure pupillage — with Hardwicke, Henderson Chambers and Radcliffe Chambers [Legal Cheek events]

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