Lawyers put in 20 extra work days when working from home

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Almost two-thirds hope for hybrid-working once pandemic is over, research reveals

Lawyers will put in the equivalent of an extra 20 days of work a year while working from home amidst the coronavirus pandemic, as nearly two-thirds hope for a hybrid workplace in the future.

Analysis by tech company Atlas Cloud shows that in the time spent not commuting to the office, legal workers are saving an average of 85 minutes per day. They say they split this time between work and play by spending an average of 36 minutes extra on work per day and 49 minutes on leisure.

The number crunchers say that given the average month comprises 21 working days, legal businesses gain on average almost an entire month’s worth of additional work per each employee that works from home between the first lockdown in March 2020, and March 2021.

However, while they may be putting in longer shifts, they are also benefitting from additional downtime too. The data shows legal employees gain the equivalent of 27 extra holidays in free time — almost doubling the year’s annual leave allowance.

Half of respondents in the legal sector (50%) said they had used their additional leisure time to spend more time with family, with 43% saying they had used it to catch up on sleep, and 40% using it to do more exercise.

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The survey of 188 legal workers also found that more than eight in ten (85%) want to work from home at least one day a week after the pandemic.

More than three-quarters (78%) want a return to the office in some form, although only 15% want to work from the office full-time. Less than a quarter (22%) say they want to work from home full-time.

Almost two-thirds (63%) say they are hoping for hybrid-working — a blend of office and remote work — when safe to do so.

Pete Watson, CEO of Atlas Cloud, said: “Working from home can be a win-win for employers and employees as the lack of commuting gives people more time to spend working and more leisure time. This research clearly demonstrates that the majority of people want to return to the office in some capacity after coronavirus, but more often than not this is to pursue a hybrid-working model where they can work more flexibly.”

He continued:

“One of the few bright spots of the coronavirus is that it has shown we can build a better way of working which will help to create better businesses, a better society and ultimately better lives for ourselves, our colleagues and our families. We now have a golden opportunity to embrace flexible and agile hybrid-working to create a better work-life balance for millions of people.”

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Old Guy

Wow, really interesting and very accurate. I feel like I have more spare time, but I am probably spending longer at my desk than in the office, even though I take frequent breaks. Probably more productive too, and I work weekends without it being a big deal due to lack of tiredness from commuting. Logging in for a few hours is not really an issue at all. I think for motivated and ambitious lawyers post training this hybrid system would work well. However I’ll be curious to see how the return of a social life and distractions impacts on the less disciplined.



Meanwhile some students are spending up to 17 hours a day working on petitions asking to be handed degrees and qualifications like confetti.



Got lost on your way to the Daily Mail?



No, more a Telegraph sort of person. I did almost get lost in the grounds of my country house though. How is paying rent working out for you?



It’s a pain but such is the lot of a sugar daddy.


Pimp Daddy

Stay away from the flour then. Doughiness decreases market value unless you work some of the more niche avenues.

Bill Abel

Not having to commute is brilliant, my hours are through the roof and that bonus is looking sweet as strawberry pie!



My commute is 15 minutes each way, so I would much rather be in the office. Finally all colleagues who have complained for years about their mega commutes are feeling smug. Then I realise their lunchtime and local takeaway options consist of the local chippy, Indian and Chinese takeaways. I have all sorts of culinary delights round the corner.



There is another option as well as takeaways and chippies. Prepare yourself for a serious life-hack…

You know that big box in your kitchen? The one with the knobs on it with various temperatures? Well, it turns out you can use it for getting delicious food! And at a fraction of the cost of a takeaway, with only a few minutes’ effort!



Are you talking about your wife?



Yours might be synthetic, but mine isn’t.


Your mum

Definitely worth paying a fortune on London rent purely for the convenient of posh takeaways. Especially when London is dead right now. That makes sense..


Not your mum

If you think London is dead you clearly don’t live in actual London



I think the reference was from someone who lives in London who is not acting in an incredibly selfish way and who is taking steps to protect others they don’t know. If you are a selfish, vile, ignorant jerk there is a lot going on.



Yeah mate, loads of bars, clubs and restaurants open in Zone 2 (where I used to live) right now.

Hinge dates are definitely just as good pre-COVID whilst wandering round a local park like a crack head.


Pimp Daddy

5.14 seems to prove 3.00pm’s point quite effectively. Basic, basic, basic.

Bob the Builder

5.14pm shows why 3.00pm was right. Also shows why the nation is in the mess it is in. So vile and selfish.


I don’t rent. I’m also busy enough during the day not to have time to cook or prepare a proper lunch.



I just get really tired of this drivel. Too busy to cook so you have to order in all the time? Just such nonsense. As if putting some pasta on the boil, going away then coming back in 20 minutes to drain and add some sauce is too much? Or grabbing two pieces of bread and putting some cheese and ham between them is such a time killer. If you don’t have 30 minutes a day to prep one meal, then you have bigger issues. Eat a big breakfast and then dinner, and skip lunch tubby.

Btw every London suburb I have been to and town in a Shire in south east England has several food options. Maybe not Nobu or Gaucho, but certainly not just greasy Chinese/Indian take-aways. Chippies? What is this 1980? Some of the stupidity on this website is incredible at times.


Deep work advocate

…but is that to compensate for inefficiency?


Your mum

Good for you. Enjoy that lovely price drop in the next 5 or so years when everyone realises they don’t need to sink 600K+ into a shoebox to be 15 minutes from the office.


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