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Junior lawyers: let us refuse work on ethical grounds

New research shows culture split

Nov 16 2023 11:59am

Revealed: law’s most lucrative languages to boost salaries

Good news for Portuguese speakers

Oct 23 2023 8:18am

Less than half of lawyers satisfied with work-life balance, study finds

Majority think employers could do better

Oct 11 2023 8:41am

Research: Legal sector workers amongst happiest in UK

Only bankers are loving life more

Sep 14 2023 8:54am

High-flying law students perform worse in exams when using AI

Lower performers saw significant benefit

Sep 4 2023 11:20am

Switching firms pays off – quite literally, research finds

Lawyers who moved firms last year earned more than those who stayed loyal

Aug 9 2023 8:43am
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Exclusive research: SQE prep not enough say majority of law firms

Nearly two-thirds require future trainees to undertake practice area-focused modules

May 11 2023 10:37am

How tech is changing legal research

Stephanie Lawrence, Product Manager at LexisNexis UK, speaks about AI and how it helps her team create more user-friendly tools for lawyers and law students

May 5 2023 11:05am

Lawyers twice as likely to work on days off, research finds

Impacts mental and physical wellbeing

Apr 18 2023 9:28am

London crowned ‘best city for lawyers’

Oslo and Berlin joint second in new study

Mar 17 2023 9:23am

ChatGPT no match for high street solicitors, research finds

But surprisingly good at drafting contacts

Feb 28 2023 12:35pm

‘Unmanageable caseloads’ top source of stress among lawyers

Over 60% have suffered burnout, new research finds

Feb 15 2023 9:33am

Twice as many women as men apply to study law

Overall law school applications have increased by over 17,000 since 2019, UCAS data shows

Feb 8 2023 9:33am

Public favours barristers with posh accents, study finds

Regional voices still encounter bias

Jan 30 2023 1:26pm

Over a third of legal workers hate their boss, research finds

Retail employees despise their superiors the most

Jan 17 2023 9:08am

‘Underappreciated’ lawyers likely to quit, research reveals

Survey highlights associate retention risks

Jan 16 2023 10:52am