Monday morning round-up

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The top legal affairs news stories from this morning and the New Years break

Julian Assange: UK court to rule on WikiLeaks founder’s US extradition in “biggest press freedom case for decades” [The Independent]

Law firms ditch trophy office moves as pandemic reshapes City [Financial Times]

Baroness Nicky Morgan: Change revenge porn laws so we “stop failing women and girls” [Telegraph]

The last of the legal correspondents, and the true crisis in the public understanding of law [David Allen Green]

US law firms end pandemic year with bonus bonanza [Financial Times]

I’m lovin’ you! New laws could give engaged couples the chance to tie the knot in a pub or McDonald’s as outdated rules on wedding venues are set to be scrapped [Mail Online]

The latest comments from across Legal Cheek

Palace hopes Meghan can avoid her day in court to “spare the royals’ blushes” [Harpers Bazaar]

Naturists criticise Durham police over Facebook post about arrest [The Guardian]

TikTok faces legal action from 12-year-old girl in England [BBC News]

US election: Legal bid to get Pence to overturn results rejected [BBC News]

First virtual student event of 2021: Law firms in the era of sustainable capitalism — with Travers Smith [Legal Cheek Events]

“Are Skadden in Latham & Watkins and Kirkland’s league? I was surprised by how many TCs they offer and the salary is obviously very attractive.” [Legal Cheek Comments]

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…and failing men and boys.



Not sure why that wasn’t mentioned.



Unlucky remoaners.


Truth serum

The University of Law has failed its students. Those taking the LPC have had to deal with 2 examination errors in the Wills assessment and Legal Writing assessment due to mismanagement and blunders by those in charge releasing the (wrong) assessment questions and miscommunication with the students.

There is hardly any support available for students. Also, it is becoming clear that doing proctored exams in a pandemic is highly stressful and detrimental to mental wellbeing of students who are really struggling.

The least they could do is change the assessment style to a 24 hour takeaway exam or change all assessments to coursework. I don’t see how this would ruin the standard of the LPC since it is already piss poor as it is and the management is no better.

Several students who have tested positive for covid and become very ill have caught it from another student in campus. In other words, face to face teaching in those classrooms where it’s impossible to stay 2m away from anyone and the corridors are usually cramped. The worst part is Ulaw does not inform students when someone else in their class has tested positive, nor do they move the class to online teaching. Instead Ulaw waited for the incompetent government to move everyone into lockdown to finally move students to online learning but by that point many students have caught covid off their classmates.


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