A year in the world of Legal Cheek: The top 15 stories of 2020

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From law firm dog walkers to Sumption slamming lockdown measures — can you guess which article was our most viewed?

With the pandemic impacting almost every aspect of the legal word, it’s been a strange year to say the least.

From law firms to law schools, the profession has collectively adjusted to a new way of working and Legal Cheek has been there to cover every twist and turn.

But that’s not to say there hasn’t been some lighter notes along the way.

Take the London law firm that looked to recruit a dog walker on a salary of £30,000, for example. Or what about when ex-Supreme justice and lockdown sceptic Lord Sumption received a ringing endorsement from none other than tech billionaire Elon Musk? And who can forget the time we brought you news of Ayesha Vardag’s incredible dress code dossier in which she implored staff to ditch the cardigans.

So without further ado, here are, in reverse order, the 15 most read Legal Cheek stories of the year…

15. 11 photos of Taylor Swift dressed like law firms

Taylor Swift and the City (image credit: Glenn Francis, Wiki Commons)

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14. Barristers lose it over Quiz courtroom blunders

[Read the story in full]

13. The impact of coronavirus on global law firms

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12. Legal workers Zoom meeting interrupted by naked colleague

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11. Love Island solicitor Rosie Williams to launch lawyer-inspired clothing line

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10. ‘Well said, Lord Sumption’: Elon Musk backs former Supreme Court judge’s warning that lockdown breaches human rights

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9. Exclusive: The Ayesha Vardag leaked ‘dress code email’ in full

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8. London lawyer sues Dumbledore actor

Dumbledore – Credit: Warner Bros/Everett Collection

[Read the story in full]

7. Uber in the Supreme Court: The case so far

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6. COVID-19: MoJ lists which lawyers are ‘key workers’

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5. Top blogging barrister warns Birkbeck law grad that her crowdfunded Dominic Cummings prosecution is doomed

[Read the story in full]

4. Piers Morgan could face prosecution over ‘unhinged’ criticism of Meghan Markle, says The Secret Barrister

[Read the story in full]

3. Birkbeck Uni law graduate looks to privately prosecute Dominic Cummings for Durham trip

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2. London law firm seeks dog walker on £30k a year

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1. A critical analysis of the Johnny Depp libel trial

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