ULaw LPC students given exam on a topic they hadn’t covered

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Exclusive: University has issued new assessment and extended submission deadline

Students on the Legal Practice Course (LPC) at The University of Law (ULaw) were left scratching their heads this week after being given an exam on a topic they hadn’t yet covered.

Legal Cheek can reveal that LPCers undertaking yesterday’s Legal Writing assessment (a paper taken over 24 hours and was meant to cover topics so far taught on the LPC) largely covered buy-back of shares — a topic which had not yet been taught.

The University apologised for the mix-up and issued a new assessment some four hours later, according to students who reached out to us. ULaw also extended the submission deadline by a week given the proximity to another exam, Solicitors’ Accounts. They also gave students the option to submit either assessment by the revised deadline.

Yet, some LPC students aren’t happy, with one taking to Twitter to express her frustration at the law school’s “incompetent exam management”. She said: “Students had wasted time and energy on a useless assignment when they have other exams to prep for”, adding that, “after working solidly for four hours they now have to completely start over on a new assignment with zero warning and no extra support.”

Yesterday’s mix-up adds to students’ annoyance over an earlier exam, Wills and Inheritance Tax, where some encountered technical issues when trying to access the online platform. The servers failed, students told us, meaning some were unable to access the paper, while those who could were unable to save their answers.

The 2021 Legal Cheek LPC Most List

A spokesperson for ULaw said: “For technical reasons yesterday we regrettably had to replace a Legal Writing paper. We are in touch with the affected students and we have put in place alternative arrangements for them. With reference to the Wills assessment undertaken before Christmas, we take full responsibility for the issues experienced by our third party supplier and we worked closely with them to resolve this as quickly as possible.”

They continued:

“As you can appreciate we are dealing with unprecedented circumstances in delivering our assessments online but our priority is always to work through these as promptly as possible to minimise any disruption to students.”

The move to assessing students online in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic has not been without challenges for legal education providers. They’re having to grapple with changing government guidance and alter what would normally be in-person, professional assessments to a virtual setting, often with the extra hurdle of seeking regulatory approval.

Last summer saw the Bar Standards Board’s centralised assessments beset by technical issues, while students at rival institution BPP Law School bemoaned IT problems and what they believed to be “persistent failures” with the quality of teaching and assessment.

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The uni no detriment policy simply doesn’t go far enough.

They have hardly anything in place to support uni students who have tested postive and get quite sick. The toll it takes on your mental and phsyical health goes far beyond the 10 day isolation period. It can leave you feeling fatigue, exhaustion, having breathing difficulties up to and more than 12 weeks.

It does not account for students falling behind weeks of work and expected to catch up and perform as normal on their exams/assessments



Hi, well I guess students who still face illness or fatigue can just get medical exemptions with a letter from the doctor, like in the old good days.



This isn’t a normal seasonal sickness – it’s a serious virus which is killing many daily. Why do you downplay it?

It’s not just about medical exemptions – it’s the fact that covid takes such a toll on you to the point where you can be on bed rest for weeks and unable to do any work or attend workshops. The LPC is not a course you can afford to fall behind on. If you miss 1 workshop you probably won’t understand what’s happening in the next one and the one after etc so falling behind on weeks of work during the covid recovery process will set you back A LOT but the Unis don’t seem to understand this.


Daniel J

I could not agree more.

Covid set me back 2 months of my LPC. It was only after 8 weeks since contracting covid that I started to actually recover and feel like I could do normal activities again – which includes studying and revising. I am now VERY behind on work and have had to get a concession on all of my exams. I now have to sit them in May/June which is 9 months since learning the topics in workshops. This means I will likely have back to back exams cramped into May/June and will have to relearn everything again.

It’s not easy for us and Ulaw just doesn’t seem to be bothered. And by the looks of this thread, nor do fellow students have any sympathy. I guess it’s easy to look down on others when your health and personal circumstances are perfectly normal.


Mel O'Drama

That is the position for about 0.5% of uni age population. 90% plus have either no symptoms at all or have a cough for three days. Yet everyone seems to want to comedy “no detriment” degrees.



You would be surprised how many uni students have tested positive and are quite unwell. If you actually spoke to most university students who have tested positive I’m sure they will all tell you how horrible it has been for them. Some I know have described it as the worst they have ever felt. Reducing their illness to a mere “cough” is an oversight on your behalf rather than the actual reality. Take off those rose tinted glasses and get off your high horse


“No detriment” (or as they should be known “unmerited degree marks”) policies are a disgrace and mean every degree from this period would be marked with an asterisk signifying questionable result. For subjects such as law the recent events ought to have no impact on the ability of candidates to participate in examinations and all this policy seems to do is to pander to those who want to have it easy. It only causes harm to those who have worked hard and deserve proper credit.


Hello, It's The Real World Calling

A degree with “No detriment” results will not be one that gets an applicant anywhere on applications for jobs. For some practical subjects there may be a case, but for law courses there is no reason for such frippery.



You probably don’t even have a TC yourself bro



With material that original you should start a Tik Tok channel and tell jokes. While dancing. And with a unicorn filter on. You could call it TXXXvisiion. You’d be a natural for it, bro.


A 2:1 with a no detriment policy might as well be used loo roll when it comes to job applications as far as I am concerned.


William F

The root of the problem is that ULaw has not adjusted its exams/assessments enough to accommodate for students in a pandemic.

The least they could do is turn all exams/assessments into a 24 hour takeaway exam or alternatively turn it into coursework. I really don’t see how this would drop the standards when it is currently a shambles



Doesn’t the ultimate decision on the format of LPC assessments lay with the SRA?



Yes, but the problem is that the SRA is piss poor and does not give 2 scoobies about the students. The SRA is profiting off these money making machines.


Truth Serum

Just because the government is incompetent and has not put anything in place for university students does not mean that the SRA and Universities and LPC providers must play into their hands and follow suit.

The University and SRA can override the government if they really wanted to.

– If you look at the A Level grade scandal which happened last summer – some universities offered all students their spaces regardless of lower predicted grades and somes unis even lowered the requirements to ensure students were not disproportionately impacted.

In reality, they could adjust the assessment/exam style if they wanted to, there is nothing stopping them. But the fact is they don’t want to because they simply don’t care about the students. Their number one priority is profit and making money.



They’re making it significantly more difficult than it needs to be.

They have hardly changed the length of exam despite the fact people’s internet connection may be weak, laptop/computer may be slow and laggy, tech issues etc.

The worst thing they could have done is made the exams proctored which is exactly what they did. Examplify and ProctorU is satanic. As if it is not bad enough doing the LPC in a pandemic but you must be stalked during your online exam.

The SRA and University LPC providers could override this decision and change the exam assessment style if they really wanted to support the students.



The announcement from Boris yesterday means that LPC students will get no kind of leniency because they cannot afford to drop standards for professional courses.

I question how exactly the standard will drop by making adjustments to the examination style. It is entirely reasonable to change LPC exams to coursework or a 24 hour takeaway exam.



apart from open book exams of course..



I can promise you that if you have not studied, under time pressure, you can have an open book in front of you, but you will not be able to pass the exam. I am referring to exams in presence, of course.


Bored solicitor

This is actually great training for practice. The ability to BS your way out of answering questions you don’t know the answer to is the number one skill any lawyer should have.



Yeah but it’s not fun for those of us who have clauses in our TC to pass everything first time lol


Bored solicitor

Again, UoL has thought of everything. How is defending tenuous contractual interpretation not great practice for life as a solicitor?


Crying off an exam

I am part of the cohort affected and I love your cynicism



Anon 2.23pm, seriously? The course is simple and easy for those with what it takes to make it. It is an easy year off before work starts.



As a member of this LPC cohort, all I see in the complaining students is self-entitlement and opportunism. It’s a Legal Writing assessment. It’s a guaranteed pass. You’re being assessed on how to write an email. Further, ULaw extended the deadline from 24 hours after the assessment publication date to A WEEK after. A week for an email? How can you ask for anything more? If these students can’t deal with a couple ups and downs like this then I pray to see how they’ll function in practice.



“Because I can cope and I am okay and I am not struggling then surely nobody else is and it is not possible that other people have real issues in their personal lives that impact their academic performance”



If students are unable to take exams due to personal issues or due to medical conditions, they can retake exams by showing medical evidence.



You’ve completely missed the point.


Hello, It's The Real World Calling

Yes, the point is the snowflakes want to have it easy without any medical evidence that they have any reason for such special treatment. They want to benefit parasitically off the ill and are utterly opportunistic.


Sorry for wanting to be taught properly x



“Guaranteed pass” – you would be surprised how many students failed the mock practice assessment for legal writing.

The LPC is not easy at all.


Hello, It's The Real World Calling

It really is easy if you are remotely good enough.


Hello, It's The Real World Calling

It really is easy if you are good enough.



And I pray your future employer does not hire someone as self entitled as you:)



I don’t believe you’re in this cohort or you’d know it wasn’t simply an email. It was a memo, after being told it would be a letter. Lots of people have never written a memo before and there was minimal guidance in the textbook on how to do this. There were 7 pages of facts, on things we had never covered, that we were then expected to advise on. Pull your head out of your a** – it was not simply “writing an email”.



Simply not true – we were never told it would definitely be a letter! We were told it could be any type of communication and had you looked at the workbook featuring all the different templates for possible communications we might have to use you would have known this.

Also, “There were 7 pages of facts, on things we had never covered, that we were then expected to advise on” …… you’re going to have a big shock when you become a trainee.



You get given a template. It’s not rocket science



If they lack the wit to write a memo when asked to write a memo, they are making a terrible career choice.



This isn’t true. We were told it could be a letter/ email/ memo or any of the documents they had provided a template for in the workbook. Just happened that our mock was a letter.



This is incorrect. The workshops are suggestive of what is in the actual exam/assessment. A memo was rarely in the workshops. It was always a letter or email.



It’s hardly a big deal writing a memo. We’ve been told how to do it. I can’t believe everyone is making such a big deal out of all of this. We’ve had so many adjustments made because of the current pandemic, but this thread and the petition just make it evident that students are, as older generations think, completely self-entitled and incapable of dealing with bumps in the road. What you are asking for in the petition starts to devalue our qualification. Quit the whining and do the work!


Hello, It's The Real World Calling

Exactly. This “Oh we had to write a memo not a letter” whining is embarrassing. Diddums.



Sorry what?!! The only thing we didn’t cover was buy back, we had done retirement and the other one.
Big drama over nothing, stop being so self entitled. Everything was avaliable and I had already written half of it, wasn’t exactly hard to adapt either.



Best thing about this silly comment is that if you had written an email as your answer, you’d have failed it. The exam required you to draft a memo.



ULaw assessments can’t see you. They won’t give you extra marks mate.



Oooo your hard.


Hello, It's The Real World Calling

“Oooo your hard” what? Oooo you’re thick.



Dear Anon, I see you are not very clear with all the informations. My dear we are paying £17,400 for the LPC course considering I’m from London, for that money I would much appreciate professionalism and effectiveness from the university’s part, not copy pasted apologies. Also, this wasn’t their first error, during our will exam the website crashed and we had to wait, some people have busy schedules, most of us are self-funding this course and so obviously have jobs. This isn’t about “it is just an email” (which actually wasn’t), it is about the university providing what it promised, not errors during assessments. Next time you try to comment in relation to a “case” first get the full information then make an argument! During this period of time students don’t need silly comments, we need support.


Bun The Anon




Client’s go to London law firms, pay over the nose in fees, and get crap advice sometimes. You went to London, paid over the nose in fees, and got a crap course. Unlucky.

BLP is a piece of piss, and any form of “writing” type for legal writing is too. They probably have memo templates of some kind on PLC you can copy.

Of all the assessments, the skills ones should not be complained about. It’s just a point of competency…


Hello, It's The Real World Calling

The snowflakes complain about anything and call it a mental health issue. They will alway quote the cost of fees, like that matters, and now they demand being allowed to pass courses without passing the exams because having to stay at home on TikTok was hard for them.



What more do I want?

Not being given an assessment expecting me to write an answer on something we’ve yet to be taught would be a rather nice start…

Extending the deadline to next week doesn’t make up for the time I had to take off from work, like many others also did, in order to do the assessment.

Nor does it make up for the stress they’ve caused with this error combined with the many mistakes that have plagued ULaw’s online teaching ability from September. And also consider that this isn’t the first assessment thats been messed up for us.

It’s not about self entitlement, it’s about paying for a service and expecting the provider to be competent. Many people on the LPC have already begun their legal careers and balance studying with work. It’s wasted time, something quite valuable to a lot of us. We literally do already function in practice and yet identify that this is unprofessional and unacceptable. An easily avoidable mistake should never have happened.


How to buy a week for an exam

I am part of the same cohort and I 100% agree. It was one part of three topics to write about and it wasn’t like we could have looked it up or seen ahead. Admittedly I have revision guides and laid out buy back shares quite well.

This has been blown out of proportion although, the uni has had difficulties with the wills exam as well.

But it is people complaining and griping for the sake of it. The exam asked a bit more of you go look it up ffs. Hate the spoon-fed nature we younger people have.



The student able to afford pre write (By someone else) distinction grade overpriced revision guides is calling others spoon fed.

How bizarre.



They cost £3 on eBay? Not exactly a difference between the haves and the have-nots?



Regardless, you are using someone else’s pre written notes and have the audacity to suggest others are asking for handouts.

Says you, the anon with a silver spoon jabbed firmly in your mouth.


This is a classic example of “we may be in the same sea, facing the same storm, but not in the same boat, some are in a cruise ship, others a yatch, others a canoe, and some drowning”.

anons like you calling others spoon fed and asking for handouts are ironically the privileged ones.

You are belittling the majority of students rightfully complaining about having to do the LPC online with little support, tech issues in exams, feeling isolated, burnt out, probably facing mental health challenges, maybe even quite ill from covid and struggling to recover, lost a loved one, struggling to pay the fees and not getting what they paid for, and many other issues.

You have a tainted sense of reality with your rose tinted glasses on. You feel so uppity sitting on your high horse looking down on the rest of us because you have no idea what real life is for most students. Acknowledge your privilege and get a heart.


Anon (continued)

AND to make things even more ridiculous, I’ve seen that some student representatives have published a ‘scathing’ letter to the ULaw administration attempting to use this opportunity to have the pass mark minimum lowered EVEN FURTHER? For Solicitors’ Accounts its 50%? If you can’t manage that on a basic accounts exam then you have to start asking yourself if you’re made out for a professional occupation. Then lowering the Legal Writing boundaries as well? It’s marked Competent / Incompetent for writing an email? Get a grip.



Do you know how difficult it is to do the LPC whilst being sick with corona? It leaves you physically exhausted all the time and constantly fatigued. Pretty much stuck on bed rest unable to concentrate and work.

These students are really trying. Also, the same students who ranked in the top students of their LLB or other degrees are the same ones also struggling on this LPC. It is not students being lazy or asking for handouts – they are simply asking for a bit of support and adjustments.



That’s a totally different point though? Sure, you should get concessions on an exam if you’re sick, like any other year.

What is being asked for here is a number of concessions because the exam was posted incorrectly and then quickly fixed with a hugely extended deadline, and the option to continue with with the first incorrect exam? Not only that, if you fail your attempt at the first ‘incorrect’ exam, you have a no detriment second attempt that is classified as a first attempt. What more can you ask for?



I think your inner Karen is showing 😒



I agree with you,
There have been problems like wills which some tech foresight could have foreseen.
And the overblown and out of proportion response for which the uni law have mitigate very favourable. I even got a text about it. Admittedly I was half way through it but you know life.

I haven’t had any problems with the teaching of the course as I have been in person mostly.



Harry, if you are that ill take a year out and resit. “No detriment” policies are attempts by the perfectly able and well to dodge having to just sit down and work like adults.



Given the cost of the course can anyone afford to “take a year out and resit”? Also, three foul ups in 4 exams by Ulaw is simply inexcusable!



Harry, if you are that ill take a year out and resit. “No detriment” policies are attempts by the perfectly able and well to dodge having to just sit down and work like adults.


Dear lord, What a sad little life jane

Life is already miserable enough without trolls like you coming online and spreading unnecessary bad vibes



If only we were as blessed as you, clearly you are a superior human. I only wish one day I care as little about other people as you do.

For everyone else, it’s okay if yesterday and wills has shaken your confidence in these exams, we are only human after all (anon is clearly far more advanced than your average arrogant d bag)



U ain’t got a clue buddy
Behave yourself

The uni is making things worse than they need to be. Introducing exemplify and proctorU and all this nonsense which might I add is somewhat of a breach of privacy . They should just give us the exams as take home exams or give us the 24 hour time limit on all exams


george barrett-hague

They have to it’s a sra requirement for accounts, unfortunately.

I agree with the proctured stuff, I think it sits on the kernel and has a lot of access to data and the pc.

Examplfy doesn’t look bad with thr highlighting etc.



Hi Anon, lovely to see you have hidden your name 🙂

I am one of the students who produced this so called “scathing” letter you refer to, which was in fact a fair, responsibly drafted petition which has at the time of writing over 850 signatures from other ULaw LPC students calling them to take account for their actions.

This is the second exam in a row that has been met with mistakes on their behalf and just isn’t good enough. Since starting the petition with another student I have received messages from other students who said the events have triggered panic attacks, psoriasis flare ups and in one case seizures which required this student to seek medical attention.

Try not to sit behind a keyboard and belittle other people for standing up for something they believe in and instead try being a nice person. Oh, and next time you want to pretend that you were part of the affected LPC cohort, at least get the details of the assessment correct.



Are you the goon responsible for asking for a 20% refund in fees which is a figure you presumably plucked out of thin air? It’s entirely disproportionate to the inconvenience caused and makes the good points in your letter (which are admittedly sparse as it is) seem like a farce.

Get a grip.



Well as a student who is part of the cohort.

It is ridiculous the demands you have made. This detracts from the points made and just makes students and our year look pathetic and weak. It was one element of a paper that wasn’t hard to look up or find again we were judged on writing not the law. And they have been incredible in their mitigation.
The wills was a tech issue which some foresight might of helped with increasing capacity I have no disagreement there.
if you are trying to reduce pass marks, fees or whatever. Than that is nuts the whole point of these tests is whether or not you have the capability of being a solicitor.
We have an incredible easy year open book for everything, no detriment policy, no distractions as we have to stay at home so all we can do is study. We are also the full time course.
Honestly so soft



Would you tell a client to “get a grip” when they came to you about not adequately receiving services for which they had paid over £17,000 ??



Does the K in KC stand for Karen?


LPC grad

For those of you who are doing the LPC in this stressful time – I would advise you take advantage of the no detriment policy you currently have. If possible, defer whatever assessments you can and take them in the summer instead. It will still count as a first (additional) attempt.

Especially if you have been quite sick from covid or fallen behind because of the pandemic or not able to study because of physical health or mental well-being issues.

Pace yourself and catch up whilst you currently can and recover if you are sick. Take the assessments at a later stage. Take the time and don’t feel guilty about it. I know it is tempting to rush to take the assessments to get it out of the way but there is nothing wrong with leaving it until later.



The fact that some of us have chosen to do it online anyway (i-LPC LLM) and they’re using Covid as an excuse is disgusting. Myself and others have contacted tutors for help and they just refer us back to the book they’ve provided us for that module. There’s no access to lectures to help us understand something that we’re unsure of. How this course is £13,600+ I will never know.



You missed out the crucial bit where they failed to notify us that the paper was the wrong one until 4 hours later, when students had begun to alert each other via group chats. This was despite ULaw realising and quietly taking down the paper far earlier than that, thus allowing us to carry on wasting more time on a paper that had become redundant. They then told us at 3.50pm that a new paper would be released at 4pm, which didn’t actually materialise until 4.30pm.


Disgruntled LPC Student

I tested positive for covid and was really unwell and given no support and told by Ulaw that I could not defer my mock practice assessments. I either had to do them or not. I was not even given an extension.



Are you saying that you showed them medical records, signed by a doctor, certifying that you were unfit to take the exam, and the University of Law disregarded all that and asked you to take the exam anyway?


Annoyed Reader

Dear Jenny,

I have noticed that you have commented several times and all times you have come across tone-deaf, to say the least. Since Ulaw are using the “unprecedented times” excuse, then “Disgruntled LPC Student” should be afforded the same understanding. I am not sure if you are familiar with the pandemic, but it is quite rare to now go to your GP practice to get a signed note excusing you from classes, whilst having Covid-19 – some might say that it is impossible. However, you still belittle this person’s situation. It is an actual clause in the mock assessment that NO deferrals/extensions are allowed. However, this simply does not make it right, as per the “unprecedented times” excuse. Thus the above student has every right to be disgruntled – paying the enormous fees which include mocks, but receiving no support during a pandemic and contracting the virus, is simply UNACCEPTABLE – to say the least. Yet when the university makes mistakes with assessments, where high levels of standard are required, they are quick to use the good old “pandemic” excuse.

P.S legal writing has been an online assessment for ages 😉


Disgruntld LPC studnt

Yes, I am.

I am talking about the PRACTICE assessments not the actual ones. I have had to defer my real assessments and exams for the time being because of my covid recovery process taking quite long.

In regards to the mock practice assessments, I had to do them all and was not allowed to defer them to later date.

I will repeat just in case your weak comprehension skills did not pick it up the first few times I mentioned it… I had to sit my practice assessments whilst severely unwell from covid. I had a positive test result and medical evidence that I was very unwell and I was on bed rest. I informed Ulaw about this and my personal tutor and the well-being team and was still not given a deferral for my mock exams. I was in bed struggling to breathe and kept coughing and breaking out in sweats whilst having to do uni work from a laptop in a tiny room by myself with no support from family/friends because I was self isolating.

The cherry on the cake is that I caught covid on campus because the social distancing measures are rubbish. The classrooms have tables and chairs quite close to other students and the corridors are cramped during end of classes. I followed the rules very carefully yet myself and several other fellow students in my class and other classes all caught covid from campus.

Make of that what you will.


enlightened one

Hands. Face. Space



Hands. Face. Space. Moan. Petition. Secret house party. Repeat.

Lpc Student

The fact that the uni has encountered similar tech issues adding to the students’ stress numerous times which will automatically affect students ability to perform well in the exam is the issue.
How many times will Ulaw mess up and in turn affect students mental health? Cant wait to see what the issue will be for tomorrow’s SA exam.
They were very quick in taking money out of our bank accounts for the second installment payment but cannot do the BARE MINIMUM of what a uni is expected to do?
They had an entire year to tackle issues relating to remote examinations. This is not good enough or even worth 17.3k.
They definitely need to think about recalculating costs as 17.3k for a online degree (going off current lockdown situation) is a joke.



I am a student on this ULAW LPC cohort and would like to point out that this article is not quite accurate.
The article tries to make it seem like it was not all students affected by both shambolic exams. It was every single student.
The wills exam did not work for anybody when we all duly logged in at 10am. We received an email saying the university was aware of the issue and dealing with it. We then received an email at 10:50 saying the exam would start at 11.
At 12:45 (after many students had already submitted) we received a further email saying there were ongoing issues, make sure you write down your answers in the event your submission did not work.
I then heard rumours that one campus had been told their exam was being rearranged for Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas!
The legal writing assessment is beyond a joke. This is an assessment which I understand to have always been carried out online and in this format. COVID-19 is not an excuse for publishing the wrong paper. There are students who spent 4 hours yesterday working on a useless assignment who had their solicitors’ accounts exam today. Luckily mine is on Friday so I was not too badly affected, just pissed off I spent four hours working on something which got thrown in the bin.
I heard that at one campus the university simply switched off their phones to ignore the amount of complaints coming in. Brilliant service for a course costing upwards of £13k.
Legal cheek clearly get a paycheck from ulaw so like to play down how much they pissed this up.



I agree with the majority ( NOT WITH ANON). 24 hour takeaway exams seem like a good shout. I must say the organisation of exams up to this point has been horrendous . The uni needs to make a note of this and implement measures which accommodate students during the pandemic.



This must be their first time. I can assure ULAW students that they will get used to it over time – disheveled ex-BPP student


Entitled Student.

It was quite frankly an absolute shambles. The 17.3k tuition fee is questionably high at the best of times, but still, for that I expect a high quality of teaching, communication and student support at the very least. This isn’t much to ask for. The university have twice fallen short of the minimum standards. Once is a mistake, but twice is simply grossly negligent and is something that cannot be rectified by just extending the deadline. Owing to the conduct of Ulaw around exams, their communication and support offered to students, coupled with the amount of teaching that has been moved online; it is only fair to reduce tuition fees.

If I were a client paying £17.3k in fees to a solicitor and I received this kind of service, I’d be lodging a complaint and wanting my money back. Hopefully Ulaw do something about this.


LPC Student

As someone who has chronic conditions reliant on me pacing myself appropriately the wasted time initially with the university alerting us after 4 hours work that the paper was wrong and then alerting us 2 hours later that we could do the original paper anyway (after I had lost access to the file and deleted my plan was really frustrating.) I don’t have the available capacity to just start the other one again where I could take advantage of the procedural defect so I’m doing the new one despite feeling less confident and having wasted energy and time that I don’t have. I think the least they could do is give everyone a procedural defect concession regardless of the question chosen due to the disruption caused.


Fancy a joke?

What do you call a person who failed legal writing?

A legal cheek writer



This article seems to defend ULaw without actually detailing the extent of the students’ issues. Everyone remember, ULaw and Legal Cheek regularly work together. This is as biased an article you can get.


Sidra A

As biased as they come.



The university is absolutely appalling. Every single exam I have had has been messed up and I doubt it will get any better. 17k for this? They are quick to take money out of our bank accounts but can’t even release the right assessment. Their communication is poor and sometimes rude replies are given when what’s been done is their fault, not ours!!!

LPC is hard enough but they’re making this even harder, we need compensation.


LPC Student

Most students had been working on the original exam paper for nearly 4 hours before any communication was issued by the ULaw Assessments team to inform students that they had managed to upload the wrong assessment.

Students were told at that point that a new assessment would be issued.

Many students tried to contact the university to find out if the four hours’ work they had just put into the original assessment could be submitted.

Most were unable to get through to ULaw who in some cases were ignoring and cancelling calls.

It’s now emerged that a select few individual students were contacted by ULaw as early as 5.19pm and told that they had a choice between submitting an answer to the original or the new paper.

Bizarrely, ULaw waited nearly 3 hours (8.06pm) before informing the majority of the cohort that they too had this option.

It’s one thing when you face issues and know that everyone else is in the same boat, but it’s quite another to discover that certain students were made aware of a fundamental change to the exam for hours before the majority.



Very valid point. I received an email shortly after 4pm stating that senior staff had been consulted and they had CONFIRMED that all students MUST complete the new paper. Then to receive an email later in the evening that we could submit the first paper – complete U-turn.

And like others highlight, different campuses were told this at different times. Not even a quick courtesy email from assessments to say just stop for a little while whilst we get all of our details straight and correct.



Not true I had a text message at 1600 and a few emails too


Mohammed Choudhury

You cannot force someone to see what you see, so when Anon above mentioned the Student Representatives (myself included) writing a ‘scathing’ letter … he was mistaken once again. It was an email.

Jokes aside, if someone behind a computer screen does not have the courage to share their name, do not waste time trying to reason with them. They’re not worth it. They could be a ULaw official for all we know.

Let me finish off by saying, students were wronged multiple times. Students are being overcharged (Moorgate: £17,300 / Sheffield: £12,750 for the same course), students have somewhat found a leg to stand on but once again – the university has agreed on nothing that truly benefits the students.

University of Law, sorry for any inconvenience but we want to implement change.

Yours truly,



Bombay Bad Boy

“after working solidly for four hours they now have to completely start over on a new assignment with zero warning and no extra support.”

Based on the above, ULAW should be commended for developing an assignment that provides students with a highly accurate simulation of professional practice.


ULaw Rep

Students were wronged multiple times, they’re being over-charged (Moorgate: £17,300 / Sheffield: £12:750 for the same exact course) and finally, have somewhat of a leg to stand on – but the university has agreed to points which do not truly benefit the students.

ULaw, sorry for the inconvenience but we want to see change.



ULaw National Programme Director: “It was brought to our attention that this assessment was largely based on content which had not yet been covered in workshops”

I see… So, does ULaw bother to do a quick check on the content of exams as part of that chunky £17k fee?

No, it seems they rely on students to check everything is in order *during the exam*



They didn’t have to replace the paper for “technical reasons” – it was because they put up a paper based on content we hadn’t studied yet! Would have been equally incompetent had we been sitting the exam on campus. Legal Cheek should delete that part of ULaw’s statement as it’s blatantly untrue. Not to mention they didn’t bother emailing to tell us they’d replaced the paper until much later.



Me last year, choosing Ulaw over BPP because of their lack of issues: 🤡



Why do I feel like (Anon) is a member of staff of the university 😐

It just seems awfully strange that he/she is the only person defending and arguing against the majority’s opinion .


Sad BPP student

Guys, this is bad but from the sounds of it this sort of incompetence is the exception rather than the norm. Come over to BPP and these sound of monumental failures are, sadly, almost a weekly occurrence


Sad ULaw student

Sadly this is not the first occurence of incompetence and poor communication at ULaw



If it makes any of you feel better, the uni has emailed us A NIGHT BEFORE THE SA EXAM saying That they will be carrying out exams soon for the people who feel aren’t ready/stressed.
I’ll take it but bro timing?
Thanks ulaw



Dear students,

It appears some of you are snowflakes. If you are and you want to dodge your next exam let us know.




Lpc student 13

Not surprised at all. Suppose the next thing to talk about is the invasive and possibly damaging nature of Examplify and Proctoru that has been forced on students with no regard for their privacy?

SRA is definitely culpable, and between them they are setting an extremely dangerous precedent is forcing exams to go ahead with such dangerous software.


R Williams

You probably are the kind of person that thinks 5G and Coronavirus are linked mate


amused associate

can anyone link the open letter to the university please



Is it being forced on students though? 🤔


Old LPC Student

Sadly this kind of schenanigans was around back when I did my LPC many years ago, and that was before the introduction of online exams! Wonder how much this will change when the SQE comes into play given that there’s a lot less money to play around with compared to current LPC costs.




Didn’t something like this happen with BPP over Summer?

Remember seeing some outraged students there and an open letter was posted to the university, wouldn’t be surprised if something similar happened here.

Oh well.



I am on the LPC at ULaw. To all other students complaining: just grow up.

We have been given a whole week to submit a paper which is a load of pie. It could be done in two hours.

Instead of whining like little girls about your first world problems just go do your work.

Do you really think that if you make it as a lawyer you won’t have to deal with things far more stressful. Just wow.



I hope you and your “whining like little girls” rhetoric gets flushed out asap after you enter practice. If you do make it, you’ll quickly realise that in the legal profession; mistakes get called out.


Judge Rinder

Don’t you understand that different people react differently to stress? For some people this is the most important year of their education so far and given how intensive the LPC is, the last thing they need is something as disorganised as has been experienced so far.

I get that both sides of the argument have their arguments, but come on a little empathy from both sides would go a long way


Reality Check

This is a classic example of “we may be in the same sea, facing the same storm, but not in the same boat, some are in a cruise ship, others a yatch, others a canoe, and some drowning”.

You are belittling the majority of students rightfully complaining about having to do the LPC online with little support, tech issues in exams, feeling isolated, burnt out, probably facing mental health challenges, maybe even quite ill from covid and struggling to recover, lost a loved one, struggling to pay the fees and not getting what they paid for, and many other issues.

You have a tainted sense of reality with your rose tinted glasses on. You feel so uppity sitting on your high horse looking down on the rest of us because you have no idea what real life is for most students. Acknowledge your privilege and get a heart.


Judge Judy

I think OP is on your side pal… Thank god there’s no legal reading exam



ULAW students are just being the usual ‘generation no-responsibility’. The legal writing was extended by a whole week. It can be done in three hours!

Legal writing extended for a week –> stop doing that exam move on to revision for SAC –> more time to revise for SAC –> sit SAC –> complete legal writing.

The other students and I are being handed more revision time for SAC and more time for the legal writing. Like what is the big deal? Could you imagine a deadline being pushed back by a week at a law firm, it would be greeted with thanks not hate. Just wow at our generation. Wow. Wow. Wow. It actually annoys me because people can’t deal with something as trivial as enjoying more time to study for SAC and more time to sit the writing (which we, by the way, have the option to submit the first one if we so choose!).



While the technical aspects of the exam were okay with me personally.
ULaw is literally the worst at communicating with students!!!
The timetable for the three core exams resit in December was given ONE MONTH before the actual exams. Until then, everyone was left in the limbo
everyone who has given the three core exams knows there needs to be proper time period given to plan and prepare!!



might i ask why you were resitting all 3 core exams?


Captain Obvious

I think they might have failed them at their first attempt


Spiritual Guru

If you fail three core exams, the universe is giving you a big hint.


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