Law firm hires ‘I.M. Nottacat’

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Spoof specialities include ‘M&A (meow and agitate)’

A law firm has published an online profile of a fictional lawyer who, believe it or not, is actually a cat.

According to Losey, a US law firm based in Florida, its latest recruit ‘I.M. Nottacat, IV’ “is a cat is a human who does human work and advises human companies and human investors in early stage, venture capital, private equity, and M&A (meow and agitate) transactions”.

He is also said to have experience working across a range of industries, “with a focus on fisheries, aquaculture, and controlled substances (commonly known as ‘cat nip’)”.

A screenshot of the spoof profile

The fake law firm profile is, of course, a “whimsical parody” of the mega-viral video which saw a US lawyer struggle to switch off a cat filter during a virtual Zoom court hearing. Rod Ponton told judge Roy Ferguson the now infamous line, “I’m not a cat”.

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The spoof profile, complete with a professional photo of the furry lawyer and a work email address (, continues:

“I.M.’s experience includes the $3.5 billion reverse merger of Foxxeo, representation of the internet celebrity Frump Cat™ in various intellectual property matters, and batting at a small toy repeatedly in his office.”

According to the profile, the cat graduated from “summa purr laude from the University of Nowhere’s Kitten College of Law” and “served as the editor of the Paw Review, receiving accolades for his seminal work Tort Consequences of Clawing and Scratching”.

In his spare time, the fictional feline apparently enjoys “clawing doing human activities, such as cheering on the Carolina Panthers and Jacksonville Jaguars with his significant other, Babushka”.

The witty parody joins the wave of memes born from the ‘advocat’ court blunder:

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