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Is this the first time a judge has used a meme in a judgment?

The Spider-Man finger-pointing may have a special place in legal history

Oct 21 2022 10:13am

The best Squid Game law memes

🦑 🎮

Oct 13 2021 10:45am

Law firm hires ‘I.M. Nottacat’

Spoof specialities include ‘M&A (meow and agitate)’

Feb 15 2021 11:36am

The top 10 Instagram memes that got us through lockdown

Legal Cheek hits 50,000 Insta-followers and counting...

Sep 11 2020 9:12am

A selection of Legal Cheek’s top 15 Instagram posts

30,000 followers and counting...

Mar 12 2019 9:44am

Your favourite law memes could be banned under EU copyright directive

Brussels bigwigs could ‘destroy the internet as we know it’, say digital rights campaigners

Jun 11 2018 12:00pm

Step aside Lawyer Dog, there is a new viral legal meme in town

'Lawyer Cat’ goes viral on image sharing site Imgur overnight, ending legal profession’s two-year viral meme drought.

Jun 9 2014 12:55pm

North West Law Firm Records World’s First Solicitor Harlem Shake Video

Last week we detailed how several universities and law schools had recorded their own versions...

Feb 25 2013 10:54am

How Supreme Court Justices Can Save Legal Aid

In these tough economic times, it would be a shame for those costumes to go...

Oct 31 2012 10:00am