A&O anticipates 40% home-working after lockdown

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Office will remain ‘incredibly important’ for culture and personal development, says magic circle firm

Allen & Overy anticipates its lawyers and staff will work remotely for around 40% of the time once the pandemic has passed.

The magic circle law firm is the latest to rethink its remote-working arrangements after Freshfields announced this week it is to bring in a new policy allowing lawyers and staff to work from home for up to 50% of the time.

A&O said it will continue with remote-working once lockdown restrictions have lifted and expects around 60% of work will be done from the office in the future.

A spokesperson for the firm said: “Over the course of the last year we have proven the ability for most of us to work successfully from home, and we will continue to support our people to work flexibly on an ongoing basis.”

They continued:

“As we move forward we believe that the office will remain incredibly important in terms of preserving our culture and community and in providing a space for personal development.”

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Linklaters is the only other magic circle member to publicly reveal its post-COVID work plans. The firm confirmed in the summer that lawyers and staff can work remotely for up to 20-50% of the time as part of a new long-term global policy. Other City law firms have introduced similar hybrid work policies.

As law firms around the globe prepare to re-open their offices, some of our trainee and junior lawyer readers have expressed fears that a “two-tiered” profession may emerge: on the one hand are lawyers that choose to work in the office and on the other, those who choose to work from home.

“For me the issue is not whether you allow flexible working (that ship has sailed, it’s happening) but how you manage a team or firm that’s split between the office and home,” wrote one anonymous commenter. “It can be very tricky to ensure the members of the team who WFH feel equally included.”

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Do we really need to see multiple articles on firms WFH?

All of the recent articles on firms WFH could have been addressed in 1 article.

Oliver Q

It’s obvious they are running out of content. They have done for a long time now.

RoF don’t post articles daily but when they do it’s a lot more thorough and researched than LC.

This is becoming a website for kids and it’s sad because it had potential.

Conspiracy Theory

I’m convinced LC write many of the comments in the articles to spark a debate so they can use that as content for another article and the cycle repeats


Remember the old “I have a medium 2:1 from [insert third tier university] and I was social secretary of the LawSoc, will I get pupillage at the commercial Bar” Friday articles?


This is just lazy journalism at this point. How many times do we need to read the same old rubbish WFH policy nonsense


*yawns* boring stuff. Remember when Legal Cheek actually wrote interesting and helpful articles


When was this???

Hannah W

No one cares fgs

Click bait central

This is another crappy article intended to provoke a debate in the comments section.

I hope no one falls for the bait


No offence but this just isn’t news worthy. A complete non story.

(Watch Legal Cheek delete this comment like they do with all other comments that don’t suit their agenda lol)



Allen & Overy is Garlic Bread

Allen & Overy is such a background firm. We all know they specialise in banking but besides from that it’s a side piece firm.


Take it now or leave it
Now is all we get
Nothing promised, no regrets
Ain’t no big decision
You know what to do

bad gal Natasha Bedz

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People who are obsessed with Beyoncé are weirdos. What do you think?


“wrote one anonymous commenter”

The people who are commenting are providing more content for your articles than your own research.

I noticed the same thing in the last article.

What a joke.


Please refer to:

and see that all points have already been raised in that comment section. Though, of course, banter of questionable quality about A&Os status as a “magic circle” firm and the relevance of such a distinction in the modern legal industry is always welcome.





…. we get the picture

Kirkland Sylense of the Lamboooo

Who wants to WFH when you can work in your supercar


I used to enjoy the Kirkland NQ banter. He was good. Then people started noticing the clout he got and desperately started copying him. Now we end up with comments like this which scream of desperation and are, desperately unfunny.

Kirkland NQ

I’ll make you scream in desparation… using a solid gold spankrod.




Woefully unfunny. P*ss off gimp.

Matilda W

To all the people reading this today can we please not have another debate on the WFH controversy.

It’s boring now


This comments section is diarrhoea.

I’m outie

A day late...

Why can’t you do one article a week or every two weeks, summarising law firms’ policies on WFH? Maybe a single article that is updated over time?

Also, Legal Cheek does not get its news from the horse’s mouth. This story came out on Legal Week yesterday. My guess is that someone on the staff team was just looking through the headlines of the actual legal press and decided to write about this because they don’t have anything better to do.

Misleading pic

A&O doesn’t use Macbooks
Actually no firm I am aware of does

Harry Potter

Skadden does

lol okay Georgina



Might as well rename the website WFH Cheek at this point.


is LC hiring?


People moaning about their mental health because they don’t have to send two hours a day commuting have lost the plot.

Comic book guy

Worst banter ever


The office will be dead if people are not there 40% of the time. Sounds grim. Like lockdown but forever.

Ghost of Hugey

Gr8 article.

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