Work remotely up to 50% of the time, Linklaters tells lawyers

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Magic circle player to embrace WFH life post-COVID

Lawyers at Linklaters will have the opportunity to work remotely for up to 20-50% of their time as part of a new long-term global policy unveiled today.

The magic circle player says the policy, which is intended to apply beyond the COVID-19 restrictions, reflects the fact that its lawyers can still dish out tip-top legal advice regardless of where they choose to work.

Linklaters does, however, stress that the 20-50% does not mean that everybody will be entitled to only come in to the office 80-50% of the time.

The firm says the decision on who can use the policy (and when) will be down to the individual lawyer and their team, and that those seeking to work away from the office must communicate their intention to do so in advance. It also applies to trainees, a spokesperson confirmed.

Andrea Arosio, managing partner of Linklaters in Italy and member of the firm’s global people committee, said:

“The COVID-19 pandemic and our enforced remote working experiment has given us an opportunity to take stock and revisit how we approach agile and remote working. Our recent experience has demonstrated that, whilst we are a people-focussed business and collaboration is key, remote working has worked remarkably well and we can deliver high quality work whilst working remotely.”

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He continued: “Conversely, it has also reinforced the huge benefits we and our clients obtain from face to face interaction and the value of our offices as hubs of teamwork and learning and this policy does not detract from that.”

Linklaters also revealed it’s discussing the possibility of further flexi-working initiatives, including flexible start and finish times, modified daily ‘core’ hours, and modified hours to allow for commitments outside of work.

Earlier this year the firm put pen to paper on a lease deal that will see it relocate to roughly 300,000 sqft of new office space on 20 Ropemaker Street, Moorgate, from 2026.

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WFH fan

“Linklaters does, however, stress that the 20-50% does not mean that everybody will be entitled to only come in to the office 80-50% of the time.” – sounds a bit wishy washy to me. An aspiration rather than a policy?



Business needs will always dictate.

If you need to be in the office for 150% of your hours Monday to Friday and also on Saturday and Sunday and also on Christmas Day then you’ll be in the office for that time.



What are the chances of this applying to trainees?



It does apply to trainees. Realistically, most principals WFH once a week already and have done for a couple of years, and even though trainees technically weren’t supposed to their principals would typically have no problem with it. So this just formalises that. But most trainees live in a small flat share where WFH isn’t that appealing anyway, so uptake will probably be quite low.



Depends on your supervisor i guess. You will probably be first in line to go in for any low level stuff that needs someone in the office. But still better than it was.



Anything has to be better than spending time in Barbican


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