BPP University to be sold ‘within weeks’, report claims

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Private equity giant TDR Capital looks set to snap up law school

BPP University is reportedly on the cusp of being sold.

The website EducationInvestor Global reports that Asda-owning TDR Capital is in “advanced discussions” about snapping up BPP University and that a deal could be clinched “within weeks”, according to its sources. BPP declined to comment.

Like its major rival, The University of Law, BPP University and its law school is a private, for-profit institution owned by investors.

The ownership of BPP University proceeds up a chain of companies culminating in Apollo Global Management, a US-headquartered investment management and private equity outfit, according to records at Companies House.

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BPP last changed hands in 2009 for $607 million (then £373 million) but a reported sale attempt in 2019 was abandoned after no buyer came through. Apollo Global has $455 billion (£324 billion) under management.

TDR Capital owns a host of companies in the UK and beyond, including David Lloyd Leisure, Stonegate Pubs and half of the EG Group of petrol stations. It recently formed part of a consortium that bought Asda from Walmart, subject to clearance from the competition watchdog.

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Bored, yo

Awww, why couldn’t it be sold to a demolition company?






The BPP case study is a great example of how private equity and educational institutions curdle. One simply has to look at the swathes of negative press and student complaints which BPP has received, especially in the last few years, to observe the detrimental impact that the ruthless pursuit of profit has had on an educational institution where students, including staff, should be treated with care and respect.

Yes make money out of education — if you can — but providing for students’ needs should always come first, before bottom line.


GDL survivor, tormented by mice

“providing for students’ needs should always come first, before bottom line“

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL that was a good one mate. You’re talking about BPP here, have you ever been to the Waterloo campus building? 😂😂😂



I was clearly saying that students’ needs should come before the bottom line and not that BPP actually put said needs before their bottom line. Thanks


No skill, no care.

If BPP students filed group-litigation against BPP for this mess, they would have to disclose it to the purchasers – that would really f**k up their plans. I dare say even a Letter of Claim would suffice….


Wow, you must love BPP’s current management if you want to prevent them from selling BPP to someone who may manage it better.


Anon BPP Student

There are a great number of currently considering this approach but would prefer to take legal advice before proceeding if anyone is interested in getting in touch



If you want people to get in touch, you should probably provide a way for them to contact you.


Genuine question

Why is PE allowed to profit from the education of future lawyers? Especially on a course like the LPC, which is used to educate a broad spectrum, from Kirkland PE nutjobs to family and criminal specialists. You’d think that it would be in the public interest to cut fees to boost accessibility or at least mandate that they be reinvested in student services and grants for students from lower-income households or students that want to go into lower-paying areas of law.



Shareholder returns are the only public interest worth worrying about.


Genuine question

Under this government? Pretty much.



Blame the thick Brexit voters.




Could you please explain what Brexit has to do with a PE fund buying BPP in 2009 (I think that was when Gordon Brown was the PM)? Do you think that Gordon Brown orchestrated Brexit? I am genuinely confused.


You must be a wonderful tutor if you are accusing a child from a immigrant family (and his parents) for failing to make friends at school because of their knowledge of English.



Funnily enough, my parents are immigrants. Are yours?

As my parents each can’t speak each other’s language, we only spoke English at home.

I’m grateful. It is FAR easier to read books in English, to pass exams in English and to speak with others if your parents make you speak English as a first language.


Anon from the second comment

I am an immigrant and will try to raise my kids (when I have them) bilingual, with higher emphasis on English. Being bilingual is a huge advantage in life (including when working in law, though would not want kids to be lawyers like me).

Still find the original comment out of place and disrespectful – blaming a small kid from an immigrant family and their family for the kid’s poor knowledge of English is not something a good tutor should do.



Since the 80s the only thing that matters is shareholder value


Milton Friedman’s reanimated corpse

You got a problem with that, punk?


No way Jose

Lowering fees? This industry is overcrowded enough as it is.


Hello again

Stupid comment. If people aren’t cut out on the basis of their attributes they should be cut out through a system that works accordingly. For example, not allowing people to do the LPC unless they have a TC or paralegal job. No need to penalise those who are able but less able to pay.



Already made enough profits even in COVID, best to sell to make more money and with that money buy another educational system somewhere else.


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