ULaw appoints director of equality, diversity and inclusion

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Patrick Johnson joins the law school’s executive board

Patrick Johnson

The University of Law (ULaw) has appointed a new director of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI).

The role will see Patrick Johnson join the legal education provider’s executive board, supporting their “key priority of diversity and inclusion”, and will report directly to the ULaw’s vice chancellor, Professor Andrea Nollent.

Having spent over 20 years working in higher education, ULaw says Johnson possess a “huge breadth of experience in widening participation initiatives”, as well as expertise in “engaging with local communities, groups, employers and educational establishments to support young people in their journey through education, training and employment”.

Johnson has joined ULaw from the University of Manchester, where he spent the past 13 years leading the Russell Group institution on areas across EDI.

He is also currently a commissioner with the Disabled Students’ Commission (DSC), an independent group that advises higher education providers on improving support for disabled students. He is also the deputy chair of the Equality and Diversity Advisory Panel for Research England.

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Commenting on his new role, which from his LinkedIn appears he began in January, Johnson said:

“I am really excited about joining The University of Law at what feels like a pivotal moment in its growth and development. In relation to diversity and inclusion, I have already seen great work taking place across various campuses and I am looking forward to working with colleagues to develop this further. My hope is that as a global university we will lead the way on diversity and inclusion in the higher education sector and beyond.”

ULaw is not the first legal education provider to appoint a director to its executive board that is responsible for developing and embedding EDI strategy. Professor Zoe Radnor, vice-president for strategy, planning and EDI at City, University of London, was appointed in 2018.

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Experienced Rep

Congratulations Patrick!

Very much hope more firms, chambers and pro bono charities think about appointing someone to encourage diversity and inclusion.

If you’ve ever been on the other end, you’ll know why such appointments are needed.

And if you are really secure in your own talents, you shouldn’t feel threatened at all that racism and prejudice is being challenged.


Feminist Bar

A lot of triggered privileged males worried this will level the playing field. Good.



That’s why they’re spamming the dislike button


There Be Incels

Funny, isn’t it? Imagine being so weird to think pixels depicting thumbs on a screen actually mean anything????


Feminist Bar

lol they can dislike all they want. Doesn’t change the fact this is happen and they’re losing power. Again good.



Really good news!!!


Bob odenkirk

An excellent appointment. Well done as diversity always strengths an organisation more than they will ever have imagined.

Let’s hope others follow suit as we know which providers don’t have ANY diversity which in turn triggers hostile environments.



Fantastic news Patrick. Good luck with the newish appointment



Man seeing downvotes on some envouraging comments is sickening.

You people are the reason racism still exists in this world.

I, for one, am really happy about this news and hope more firms follow, instead of just listing it in application forms and “about us” sections, yet if you look at their “people section” it’s all just white males.



Really good news to hear!! Wish him the best!


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