Google’s top lawyer raked in $51 million last year — out earning music superstars Drake, J-Lo and Pink

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Majority of Kent Walker’s monster 2020 compensation comes from stock awards

Kent Walker, Drake, J-Lo and Pink (images via Wikimedia Commons)

Google’s top lawyer pulled in a hefty $51 million (£36.7 million) last year, according to recently released financial docs — out earning musical superstars such as Drake, J-Lo and Pink.

Chief legal officer Kent Walker, 60, is said to have received more than $50.2 million (£36.1 million) in stock awards, on top of his $655,000 (£471,000) salary, Law360 (£) reports.

Alphabet, the tech titan’s parent company, revealed its executives’ compensation packages in a proxy statement filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Friday.

Walker’s reported total compensation for the year 2020 is more than a number of famous musicians made last year, according to US business mag Forbes. It published a list of the highest-paid musicians for 2020, which shows Drake apparently made $49 million, Jennifer Lopez $47.5 million, and Pink $47 million, last year.

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Walker’s eye-popping remuneration is also head and shoulders above what the top equity partners at US ‘MoneyLaw’ firms rake in. Our Firms Most List shows profit per equity partner (PEP) at only a handful of these firms surpasses the $4 million mark. PEP at Kirkland & Ellis, the world’s highest grossing law firm, hit $6.2 million (£4.5 million) this month — a fraction of what Walker reportedly took home.

Walker also serves as senior vice president of global affairs at Google, and as corporate secretary at Alphabet. He holds a degree in social studies from Harvard University and a Juris Doctor from Stanford Law School. He worked as an assistant attorney in the US department of justice for a number of years, and went on to hold executive positions as general counsel at Netscape, AOL, and eBay.

He joined Google as general counsel in 2006 and was elevated to vice president of global affairs in 2018. He “oversees teams responsible for content policy, government affairs, legal matters, philanthropy, and responsible innovation”, according to the SEC filing.

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Big Tech GC Kingpin

*looks at Kirkland partner earnings, laughs hysterically*


Tech Law Bro

This is where the proper legal money is kids, not in some sweaty PE boiler room churning deals or endlessly pumping out loan notes as some LevFin gimp.


Old Guy

Good luck getting to be GC of a company that is worth more than most countries on Earth. There are more PE partners in the London office of K&E than there are GCs of companies of this size that pay similar amounts.


Tech Law Phatman

Uh huh. Good luck with your TC apps son, some firm might take pity on you if you try real hard.


Facebook Assistant GC

Stay salty son, more tech millions for us lads.



How are Jennifer Lopez and Pink getting paid that much? Where is Pink’s money coming from?


Akin Pump 3PQE

we need to get Pink to fill out a management questionnaire and provide certified KYC documents ASAP



brands mostly


SandM 2yrPQE

And there was me thinking I was on the path to untold riches…


Kirkland NQ

Lmao he has to work at the Cuckold Castle that is Google though.

Meanwhile I’m thundering down King’s Road in my brand-new Lambo, model girlfriend by my side, chomping on a phat Bolivar Belicosos Fino cigar, closing one PE megadeal after another.

Sucks to be him.



Cuckland though.



Sucks to be anyone who thinks the Kings Road is cool



While Google and Facebook allow cam advertising that rob millions from consumers. Enough is enough.


Irwin Mitchell Boiler Room Victim

@ Kent Walker – U got any jobs going m8?



I am so #Inspired to see how much this #LegalDisruptor is earning after ignoring the traditional path of staying in private practice (#Dinosaur). This has really motivated me to #Grind and #Hustle my way on up in the #LegalInfluencer industry by continuing to make stupid TikTok videos, diligently highlight my LPC notes using a colour-coded highlighting system, and post pictures to my Instagram of cups of coffee sitting next to my laptop.

I can’t wait to start my training contract at [Insert Name of Law Firm that really needs to improve its recruitment strategy] so I can really #Disrupt the legal industry.



There’s always a bigger fish



Time to regulate the tech giants properly.


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