Lawyer bakes ‘Kavanagh Caterpillar QC’ cake to ‘defend’ Aldi’s Cuthbert in tasty IP battle

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Wig ✅ gown ✅ White Book ✅

Image credit: Louise Duckett (Facebook)

A new caterpillar has entered the ‘cake war’ between supermarket giants Aldi and Marks & Spencer (M&S). Meet ‘Kavanagh Caterpillar QC’, a wig-wearing, White Book-wielding choco-covered log cake whipped up by a lawyer to ‘defend’ Aldi’s Cuthbert in court.

Louise Duckett, 35, a family law partner at Kent firm Stilwell & Singleton (S&S), baked the sweet treat (pictured in full bellow) upon hearing M&S had taken legal action against Aldi. M&S is claiming Aldi’s ‘Cuthbert the Caterpillar’ cake infringes its trademarked ‘Colin the Caterpillar’ cake.

Mum-of-two Duckett adorned her creative caterpillar cake with colourful Smarties and used fondant icing to craft the wig and gown. She added marshmallows and squirted icing to create the illusion of curls in the hairpiece.

Duckett named the dessert ‘Kavanagh Caterpillar QC’, a nod to ITV legal drama Kavanagh QC starring John Thaw as barrister James Kavanagh QC. She uploaded a photo to her Facebook with the caption, “”Not just any legal team… this is the S&S legal team.”

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“Cuthbert needed some help out there, he needed a good lawyer, so this is where Kavanagh Caterpillar QC comes in,” she told Derby Telegraph. “In the legal world things have been pretty depressing recently so it’s nice for once to have a bit of banter and a bit of light-heartedness.”

Duckett said she baked the law-themed insect cake for her kids — “I got a ten out of ten from them, but that’s not hard” — and plans to add to the collection. “We’ll probably need to have a [cake] judge at some point, it depends how far M&S takes this, and maybe some little buddies for junior counsel. Who knows?”

Image credit: Louise Duckett (Facebook)

M&S launched an intellectual property claim with the High Court earlier this month, arguing that Aldi’s caterpillar cake ‘misleads’ consumers. Aldi hit back with a series of jokey tweets, saying “Cuthbert has been found GUILTY… of being delicious”, “This is not just any court case, this is… #FreeCuthbert” and “Marks & Snitches more like”.

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