Job ad for judge role on Falkland Islands promotes territory’s ‘amazing wildlife’ and ‘absence of traffic jams!’

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£93k salary too

Falkland Islands

Are you an experienced lawyer seeking a slightly gentler pace of life? Well, look no further because the Falkland Islands is on the hunt for a new senior magistrate.

The Judicial Appointments Committee hasn’t held back when it comes to promoting the somewhat unusual role, with a recently published job ad trumpeting the British Antarctic Territory’s “amazing wildlife” and “absence of traffic jams!”

Legal Cheek suspects the salary of up to £93k, family flights package (it is over 8,000 miles from the UK after all) and 41 days annual leave will be sure to help too.

When not dealing with matters of law, the ad advises you to check out the Islands’ “stunning natural environment” featuring an array of wildlife, including penguins, whales and dolphins. And despite having a population of just over 3,500, the Islands also boast a “varied social calendar”.

The senior magistrate is responsible for maintaining public confidence in, and respect for, the rule of law within the territory, according to the ad, and as a result, will be an “excellent communicator” with “strong interpersonal skills”. They are the only resident judicial office holder on the Islands and have the power comparable to that of Crown Court or County Court judge.

Fancy applying? You’ve got until 27 June.

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Cue Magdalen College students lining up to say that it’s a colony that should be handed over to Argentina as they flagellate themselves for being British.



Supporting the wishes of the Falkland Islanders to be British is very different from having concerns about the ongoing existence of and the baggage associated a hereditary monarchy and a state sanctioned hereditary aristocracy in the 21st century.


Phat Pipe




Sorry, no Hablo Wokish…



No shock there Barry. The basic English Brexit types do tend to be monoglots. It seems to stem from a mixture of unfathomable English exceptionalism, laziness and stupidity.



Its been 5 years this month, it might be time to get over it. Is it just me or are you looking down your nose at those filthy proles who don’t have the educational and travel opportunities to learn a second language? Careful, if you don’t watch that elitism it might take hold and you could turn into one of those super evil tories!!!

Ook spreek ik meer dan één taal jij ezel.


Dutch, a beautiful language to go with your beautiful personality. Though Flemish or Afrikaans would be a better fit, Barry, as they have lots of far right-wingers among their speakers.

Was once a student

The reasons may have been daft, but seriously, how many student common rooms have pictures of the Queen up? Surely it was time to make it more studenty.




By way of comparison, I’ll probably be dropping about £93k on a new carbon-fibre chassis for the Bugatti this afternoon – mid-week treat if you like for yet another few days showing the City how the art of billion-dollar deal-cutting is done 👑

Anyway, that’s all for now. Got an afternoon meeting with Daniel Loeb to prepare for, after which I have attend a new client dinner over an 8:30pm res at Dorsia.

Life is too easy right now, honestly don’t know why so many people around the world are complaining 💸💸🍾




Rofl Milgimps more like. Back to your basement dungeon, Apos called.


Fresher Watch Ltd.

Uh-huh, thx fresher. Now back to your revision, final couple of exams coming up next week.


Offshore phatman

Yawn. The Kirks bantz was a lot funnier mate, soz.


uneducated Bristol pleb

Isn’t Dorsia in NYC?


Kirkland NQ

DUHHH, he’ll be flying over on the London office’s discretionary Gulfstream G650 like the rest of us kingpins

Easy return flight at 6am the next day, cruise into the office for a few deal-closings

Standard procedure bro


Kirks Phatstacks

10/10, he’s back.


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