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The top legal affairs news stories from this morning and the weekend

Former government legal chief blasts justice secretary for claiming judges are becoming politicised [Independent]

American firms lure junior lawyers away from ‘magic circle’ City practices with £140,000 starting salaries [Mail Online]

Boris Johnson gears up for brutal legal clash over ‘breach of contract’ message leaks [Express]

Dover takes legal action against government over check points [Financial Times]

Judges may be freed from European human rights rulings [The Telegraph]

‘Hired hitman’ shot law student Aya Hachem in the chest in botched killing as she was in ‘wrong place in the wrong time’ [The Sun]

The latest comments from across Legal Cheek

Outdoor civil weddings will be legal in England and Wales from next month [The Guardian]

Mother appeals against family court ruling saying she must subsidise a former partner who raped her to see their child [Mail Online]

Shamima Begum was a victim of child trafficking, her lawyers claim [The Telegraph]

Harry & Meghan hired team including Nick Clegg’s ex-aide, movie producer & celebrity lawyer to win royal briefing war [The Sun]

What Is Going On at Yale Law School? [The New Yorker]

“As an NQ at any of STB, K&E, Skadden, Davis Polk et al, you are now earning all in comp of approx. £160 – £165k – absolutely crazy. After two years you’ll earning over £200k (with bonuses).” [Legal Cheek comments]

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Human rights isn’t something one ‘frees’ oneself from.



It is when lawyers a become very vocal about supporting one side firing rockets at children, and not the other side living under a blockade with dilapidated hospitals.



What does that have to do with ‘freeing’ oneself from human rights?


Former SJW

Because they don’t seem to empathise with the ‘rights’ of children not to be bombed.

Instead, they made themselves the focus by claiming that criticism of their political position made them personally feel ‘unsafe’ in the UK.

That is quite literally picking and choosing human rights.

Every single human rights organisation has individuals who cannot in practice agree with any universal concept of ‘human rights’. They choose sides in a war zone, hate the woman who their partner left them for, got into drunken bar brawls or horribly bullied people they were at school with.

People willingly choose to free themselves of ‘Human rights’ every day.



But none of this means that human rights don’t apply universally.

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