RPC says lawyers can work from home permanently

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Includes trainees

RPC has set out a new flexible working policy, telling all lawyers, including trainees, that they can choose to work where they want.

Under the new ‘Where we work’ model, which came into effect recently, employees can work from home permanently so long as this doesn’t impact on client service and collaborating with colleagues.

“We want to empower all our people with the ability to shape how they split their time working in and out of the office, balancing their own preferences and their need to support each other whilst delivering exceptional client service,” a statement from the firm said, continuing:

“What this means is that our people can work where they want — in or out of the office — for as much of their working time as they want, as long as our principles of working are reflected and hold true.”

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The new way of working comes after the firm surveyed its people in January this year on how they would like to work in the future.

RPC’s London headquarters, located in the outskirts of the City, is currently undergoing refurbishment. It is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

A host of firms have now introduced flexible working schemes allowing staff to work from home for part of the week. RPC’s is among the most lenient policies as others impose a minimum number of days staff must attend the office each week.

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