Apprentice star starts law degree at Bristol Uni

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Former librarian and now fresher Lottie Lion says it’s ‘bizarre to even comprehend’

Lottie Lion (credit: Instagram @lottie.lion)

Lottie Lion, 22, the librarian that appeared in the most recent series of The Apprentice, is now a law and social sciences student at the University of Bristol.

Announcing the news to her Instagram followers, Lion said going to uni is a “huge change in direction” for her but a goal she’s “really proud to achieve”.

“I always wanted to pursue higher education,” the former librarian and now fresher said, adding that it’s “bizarre to even comprehend”.

Back in 2019, Lion got to the final five on The Apprentice, aged just 19. That was the same series that featured former Matrix Chambers and 5KBW mini-pupil Ryan-Mark Parsons.

The show has featured a few legally-minded contestants in series gone-by, including law grad Kurran Pooni and solicitors Sarah Ann Magson, Lauren Riley and Felipe Alviar-Baquero.

Lion was involved in a few controversies during her appearance on the show, but it seems she’ll be keeping her head down and focused on the books during her time at Bristol. “Library friends” trump “clubbing friends” 100%, she wrote in response to a follower.

The Apprentice last aired in 2019 and following a pause in filming due to the coronavirus pandemic will return to screens in 2022.

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She was the worst. Could not stand her pompous, uptight, smug demeanor.

Robert de Runcible

Don’t be such a wet nappy!




She’ll fit in at Bristol.

Vigorous Barrel Scraping

Ryan-Mark Parsons is a “Matrix and 5KBW mini-pupil?” This makes him worthy of mention by a legal website?

By that metric I’m an international rugby player due to once having been in the same postcode as Owen Farrell.

HRH Harold Bloater OBE

Great! That means I’m royalty as I was once within 10 feet of Her Majesty the Queen!

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