Jet flop! Law grad fired from The Apprentice after disastrous airline advertising task

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Kurran Poon becomes the sixth candidate to leave the boardroom empty handed

Kurran Pooni alongside the Jet Pop logo

University of Law graduate Kurran Pooni has become the latest contestant to be fired from The Apprentice following yet another lacklustre performance.

Last night’s episode saw rival teams tasked with the “ultimate advertising” challenge, creating a new (fictional) budget airline. After narrowly escaping being fired last week, Pooni was granted one final throw of the dice on the condition that he would prove himself as project manager.

Confident as ever, Pooni revelled at the opportunity. “I feel like everything I’ve done in my life has led to this moment,” he told to his team. “I’m just happy that we’re all here together to experience it.” Unfortunately, Pooni’s team went onto lose the task after their party airline idea metaphorically crashed and burned.

The first point of criticism the team received was on the airline’s name: Jet Pop. Targeting the hen and stag-do market, the airline’s strapline, “keepin’ the vacay popping longer”, failed to impress.

When pitching their campaign in front of industry experts, there were concerns that the airline’s logo (pictured top), featuring a mini-explosion, would deter potential flyers. The chief executive of London City Airport, Robert Sinclair, asked the team: “Are they going to be concerned that their jet might pop?”

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However, Jet Pop wasn’t the only name put forward. Arguing that a “five-year-old could come up with a better name”, Pooni was disappointed that his team ignored his original suggestion, Pangaea. With everyone, including Lord Sugar, puzzled by its meaning, Pooni explained that “before the continents were split via the tectonic plates into different parts of the world, there were just two parts of the earth and one of them was called Pangaea”.

The teams also had to create a short TV advertisement to promote their fictional airline. Pooni produced a beach-based clip which focused more on the holiday destination rather than the flight taken to get there. When asked by the law grad if he hated the advert, Lord Sugar responded: “It is rubbish to be honest with you. I’m sorry. People who see that advert might think, ‘You know what? I’d rather walk’.”

Facing the firing line for the second week in a row, Pooni pleaded to Lord Sugar: “I still — I know you may not think so — I still have more to offer”. Unfortunately for him, the billionaire business mogul called time on the candidate with his famous finger point.

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You hired an editor from Daily Mail Online?



That pic makes it look like he has just had something inserted into his person, unexpectedly, and at high speed.



Assuming this isn’t all entirely staged – I think Pooni was sabotaged by his team, they knew he’d been given an ultimatum and took advantage of his desperation, just look at the way they acted toward him vs each other during that episode. Sad times.



Inevitable. He looks like he listens to grime.



So what if he does? You daft sod.

I know your type. Loud as a motorbike. Yet you wouldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight.


Loud as a motorbike

This is hysterical, 10/10.






This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.





Dechert HR

We have a TC ready and waiting for this fine upstanding chap.



Plenty of trainees at Dechart who are loud as a motorbike but wouldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight.



Got 99 trainees but Kurran ain’t one



I left a reference to Jigga in light of the Jay Z references that was deleted from the comments section.

Shows how white and out of touch LC is!!!



What good ideas has Sugar had since about 1983? Since then, his products have been ropey and his entire ’empire’ has been built around the income from the commercial property he bought in the 80s off the back of one product. Since then there was that fax phone thing that completely tanked, and what else? Absolutely nothing. Yet people seem to regard him as some sort of genius. I just don’t get it.


New Legal Cheek reader

I am confused as to what Legal Cheek is abput. Is it a tabloid obsessed with topics you find in the Daily Star, Mail, Sun etc or a legal journalism website. I don’t see how a law graduate appearing on a non legal show is legally relevant.


Tommy Connelly

Shut the fuck up and read this shit you wank.


New Legal Cheek reader

Ooohhh Tommy, so rough! Still doesn’t answer my question.



WHAT DOES HE ACTUALLY DO?!?! Everyone else has a profession but hes just a spoilt graduate! I don’t even know how he made it onto the show!



An actor who can’t speak and move at the same time (his words, not mine!).



Arrogant fuckwit! The programme exposed his utter incompetence. Would make an mediochre solicitor, but couldn’t wing it at the Bar where a sharp intellect is required.



Mediochre is my favourite coloure.


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