Trowers takes ‘appropriate steps’ after trainee is ‘assaulted’ while serving notices on squatters

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City firm says safety and wellbeing of staff is ‘absolutely paramount’

Trowers & Hamlins has told Legal Cheek it is taking “appropriate steps” after one of its trainees was allegedly “assaulted” whilst serving notices on squatters in East London — alone and after-dark.

A solicitor based in the firm’s Birmingham office is said to have contacted the firm’s trainees last Wednesday to ask whether anyone in London would be “willing to hop in a taxi” and “post a copy of the documents through the letterbox or see if you can get anyone to answer the door to hand the copies of the bundles to”, the website RollOnFriday reports.

The trainees were also reportedly told they would have to tape copies of the notices to the front doors of the four occupied properties in Hackney.

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They were asked for their availability “asap” by the supervising solicitor, “otherwise we need to contact a process server”.

According to the report, the first seat trainee that stepped forward for the task was “assaulted, harassed and followed” when attempting to carry it out on Wednesday evening.

A Trowers & Hamlin spokesperson told Legal Cheek:

“The safety and wellbeing of all of our employees is absolutely paramount and we are taking appropriate steps to ensure this does not happen again.”

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I mean it doesn’t take a genius to have the foresight that you are not delivering these documents to a corporate HQ but instead to squatters who are likely to be highly emotive about the situation.

Archibald Pomp O'City

I think that is so obvious as to be barely worth stating. Indeed it is the very premise of the article.


So obvious Archie boy, yet you’re still commenting on it.


Ouch. I’m surprised a firm like this doesn’t have a lot of burly process servers in their rolodex.

I remember once we had to serve some notices on a bunch of ‘reluctant’ defendants at a site. We got the court to do it. They asked us to provide our own wooden stakes. I got to make a terrible joke about them being trespassers not vampires. We also had to provide our own plastic bags for the documents.

Which seemed a bit much considering normally for the issue fees they just have to fork out for some stamps.

Archibald Pomp O'City

Cool story, bro


It wasn’t a story Archie boy, it was an anecdote.


Lol while everyone at other firms talks about salary rises, poor trainees at trowers are getting beaten up on the day job!


Unless the steps included a sacking of the person who had a lack of common sense to the point where they sent an unsupervised first seat trainee to do what a trained baliff is employed to do, the firm is clearly run by numbskulls.

Haul Pastings

Bruh its Trowers innit lmao


As a Process Server and Enforcement Agent of some 20 plus years experience I’ve got to say this was a rather silly thing to do.

Trespassers can be difficult therefore you need to know how to deal with them properly.


I bet you have some good stories.

We once had to serve a stat demand on a particular person who was notorious for evading service. We knew, from history, that even if delivered to his main address he’d deny receiving them. He kept a broken mailbox just for that purpose.

So after weeks of stakeouts and avoidance we just instructed the process server to nail the papers to his door (and indemnified him against any claims). Sure enough we immediately got a text saying from the respondent saying he was suing us and reporting us for criminal damage.

We responded, how do you know it was us? He sent a text saying your name is at the bottom of the stat demand. We got to send a text saying “Thank you for acknowledging service.”

(The judge at the petition hearing was surprisingly sympathetic to that approach; but the relevant party was well known to him)


Did he sue or report for criminal damage?


The real crime is how much property in Central London is empty and not in use at all but being held by foreign investors who know that the value is skyrocketing.

Nothing can or will be done about that, of course.

Kirkland NQ

As the proud owner of a portfolio of holiday homes across the globe, please take your socialism else where. You’re spoiling my afternoon flute of vintage Krug.


You’re part of the problem.


A flute? How gauche. Better to use a tulip glass or even a wine glass to appreciate the bouquet fully.


Extremely accurate troll takedown 🤣🤣


Hire the process server you tight f*cks

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