Travers boosts vac scheme pay by nearly 70% as it looks to get students back into the office this summer

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£750 to cover week’s expenses

The London office of Travers Smith

Travers Smith has increased pay for students on its vacation schemes by a whopping 67%, Legal Cheek can reveal.

The outfit confirmed lawyer hopefuls will receive an improved £750 to cover expenses on the week-long summer and winter programmes. Candidates previously received £450 per week.

The hefty uplift means those lucky enough to secure a spot on this year’s programmes will be among the best paid work experience students in the City.

“Payment will be given upon completion of the scheme and is designed to allow participants to cover the costs of travel and accommodation during that week”, a spokesperson for the firm said.

The level of financial support provided by firms can vary, with US outfits offering work experience seekers around £500 per week and large international firms dishing out between £300 and £450. It’s also worth noting that programmes vary in length too, with some running for a week and others for two to three weeks.

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The boost follows yet another year of crazy salary hikes across the City. Trainees can now earn as much as £65,000 a year (yes, trainees!), while their newly qualified counterparts can command salaries upwards of £150,000 with lucrative performance bonuses on top. And with many law firms, including Travers, recruiting heavily from their vac scheme programmes, it’s perhaps unsurprising we’re now witnessing a significant boost in work experience pay too.

Travers also confirmed that it hopes to get students back in the office after shifting its vac schemes online in response to the pandemic.

“We anticipate that each scheme will take place in person in our office, rather than virtually, and will run for a week (rather than two weeks, as was previously the case for in-person schemes),” the spokesperson said. “The scheme participants will attend a variety of presentations, complete written work and take part in various workshops and social events.”

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You heard it here first

Travers NQ salary is 127k….



it’s not. it is 100k.



Fake news!!



lol this isnt gonna change the fact that no one with a VS at Travers wants to end up at Travers

if it was a university it would be your fifth choice on UCAS that you only included because your teachers told you that you needed an insurance



I’m rolling on the floor whattttt😂😂😂😂😂😂😂



They’re not wrong though…


Truth is

Awful take. TS is a well regarded SC firm and ultimately likely to have better training than plenty of higher paying at NQ US firms that offer about 4 TCs a year and have a massive lateral hire focus – training clearly not a priority there.


Mass Debater

Why did you assume I was comparing Travers to a US firm with a small footprint in London?

Why did your mind not jump to the stronger, equally diverse and equally training-oriented alternatives within the SC (Macs/HSF) or the MC?

What about US law firms with large, well-established training programmes like Latham & Watkins or White & Case?

Were these logical leaps what got you a 2.1 at your mid-ranking RG and consequently left you with no option but to accept a training contract at Travers?



Lol here we go again with the legal cheek propaganda.

Why are they deleting comments??

I just saw 3 comments and now it only has 2 when I refreshed the page??

What is the point of having a comments section if you’re not going to allow people to have a say?

I saw the comment and they weren’t exactly wrong or lying lmao


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