Travers Smith to relocate City HQ

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Next to Goldman Sachs and Deloitte buildings

Stonecutter Court — image credit: Ivanhoé Cambridge

Travers Smith is to relocate its City of London headquarters in 2025.

The silver circle firm has committed to a lease duration of 15 years at Stonecutter Court, a 13-storey new office redevelopment in Farringdon, London, next to buildings occupied by Goldman Sachs and Deloitte.

The City firm’s new premises include flexible office space as well as four roof terraces, and are a stone’s throw from its current location on Snow Hill in Farringdon.

The move, which is scheduled for the first quarter of 2025, brings together under one roof the firm’s London staff who are currently spread across two offices.

“The move to Stonecutter Court shows our confidence in the future — an opportunity to build on our success and allow for growth in the coming years,” managing partner Edmund Reed said in a statement. “With its modern, sustainable and inclusive design, this building reflects the vision for our business and will provide an exciting and vibrant working environment which will appeal to both our people and our clients.”

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Travers Smith will take the top nine floors of the building totalling 158,000 square feet with an option to take either an additional floor, or reduce by one floor, each of those floors being 20,000 square feet.

Senior partner Kathleen Russ added: “The location of the offices works well for our core client base and, for our thriving and fast-growing dispute resolution team, has the added attraction of proximity to the courts. We look forward to welcoming our clients to our new offices in 2025.”

The move comes as City law firms continue to outline their office return plans, with the majority adopting a middling approach that will see their lawyers and staff split their time between the office and home.

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This is good. The outside of the current office looks like a high street conveyancing firm. Far below what such a solid firm should have.



That’s because it’s not a solid firm lol


Joe B

Looool some travers stan just spam disliked this and the other comments. People need a get a life instead of spending their day defending firms online



No one cares about offices anymore sorry.



Wrong. Nobody wants to sit in a room at home on their own all day anymore sorry.



Travers is definitely a ‘back up firm’ for most aspiring lawyers.



Having done a vac scheme there when it was still in person, I have to say I agree with this.

All the fellow vac schemers including myself had another vac scheme that summer and were waiting for the better offer.

I didn’t like the firm very much and wasn’t impressed. My fellow vac schemers in our intake also found the firm a bit shoddy.

Each to their own I guess and I’m glad I took the TC offer of the other firm!



Imagine a bunch of children on a vac scheme finding a top end SC firm “shoddy”. I bet they’re absolutely distraught.



Macfarlanes. Your move



Nah m8. PEP stellar. No problems.


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