Travers Smith raises NQ lawyer salary to £100k

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Rises for trainees and other associate ranks

Travers Smith has raised the remuneration of its junior lawyers, with newly qualified (NQ) solicitors now earning a six-figure salary.

The firm confirmed to Legal Cheek that base pay for NQs in the London office has risen by about 11% from £90,000 to £100,000, as of 1 January 2022.

The recent uplift puts the firm’s NQs on the same level of pay as those at Freshfields, Hogan Lovells, Macfarlanes and Simmons & Simmons. Travers Smith’s lot have the potential, however, to earn between £110,000 and £127,000 with firm-wide and other discretionary bonuses.

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Travers Smith has also awarded pay rises to associates of other ranks as well as trainee solicitors. First year trainee salaries have increased from £47,000 to £50,000 and from £52,500 to £55,000 for trainees in their second year.

A firm spokesperson said: “This has been an exceptionally busy and challenging year, and the work done by our lawyers at all levels has been key to the success of the firm.”

“In recognition of our lawyers’ commitment and exceptional efforts, we believe that it is right that lawyers at all levels benefit from a pay rise. We have, therefore, increased our lawyers’ salaries at each level of PQE, with effect from 1 January 2022.”

The firm will conduct its regular salary review on 1 July 2022, in addition to this interim review.

Travers Smith has become the fifth and final ‘silver circle’ member to raise junior lawyer salaries in recent months. See below for how they compare.

Silver circle salary standings:

Firm Trainee pay (Year 1) Trainee pay (Year 2) NQ base rate
Ashurst £47,000 £52,000 £105,000
BCLP £48,000 £52,000 £95,000
HSF £50,000 £55,000 £105,000
Macfarlanes £50,000 £55,000 £100,000
Travers Smith £50,000 £55,000 £100,000
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Mayer Brown



Pleased as punch

Raised to 105k effective Jan 1


MB toiler

Phatty, well done MB


Truth Serum

Good news: pay it up

Bad news: you have to work for travers



Bizarre comment about a well regarded SC firm…. Back to the contract law 101 for you?


Thank god

Rubbish misleading headline from the Lawyer just now


Clarity Needed

Yep – technically – NRF NQs can get £133k…



The silver circle is kind of redundant now that Simmons and CMS basically pay the same at NQ level…



What about RPC and Kennedys?



Fieldfisher, Clydes, DWF, Kennedys, BLM and RPC continue to be limited by the significant proportion of their billables that are attributed to insurer panel instructions. It would be a bold move for the partners at these firms to agree to raising fee earner salaries given there is even more pressure than ever from insurers to reduce hourly rates/fixed fees. That being said, if any of the above firms are going to post a raise soon my money would be on Clydes and/or RPC before the rest.



No surprise Fieldfisher and Pinsents are so stagnant as I recall both firms speaking out against “unsustainable” NQ salaries last year…



Serious question pls – what are a trainee’s prospects at these firms when looking for a lateral NQ move? Especially Clydes / RPC, thanks.


Mr Arse

This probably isn’t the best place for serious questions.



Clydes and RPC are good international firms. What will matter is the experience you get on the TC. If you do seats in PI/clinical negligence, professional negligence, another insurance-related seat or a secondment to a insurer’s claims handling team, and a real estate seat, your lateral moves will be limited.

If you do a seat in M&A, a finance-related seat, a client secondment to a financial institution or major global conglomerate, and a commercial disputes/arbitration seat the NQ prospects will be about the same as the rest of the London market.

If you choose to stick around for a year for some security you will be more limited to the practice area of the team you qualify into, but you will find it may be easier to secure a role in a “better” firm thanks to having proper billable experience.


Pls tell me

What is the NQ salary at DWF? They have to be the most secretive firm when it comes to remuneration (kennedys is also very quiet on how much they pay their NQs)



What about SPB ???

Im so hungry and need new foot wraps, the current strips of cloth are beginning to fall apart


Sad Soul at 100 BGate

when is the bruckhouse going to do anything



NQ Salary will be £1.2m before Dentons next raises salaries…


A shed in the regions

ES please.



Space heater for the shed? Deal?



Should we do something yet?


Breaking News Alert

FBD to up NQ salary to £400k due to some moaning twats on a legal website.


Breshfields Druckhouse Feringer

Pls. Am alredy ded. Up le pay.



What’s harder getting a TC at a city firm or winning the apprentice?



Magic circlesss can no longer look down on silver circle firms loooool

We in same tax bracket mate Lool and probably better work life balance too! 🤣



Is still baffles me that Simmons now pay NQs 100k and once pay their NQs 95k 🤔 but I respect it.



Is still baffles me that Simmons now pay NQs 100k and ince pay their NQs 95k 🤔 but I respect it.



Those on 100k do you generally feel rich or just well-off?



how long is a piece of string type comment
if you wanna life “comfortable” then it’s great
if you wanna live luxury, 100k leaves a lot to be desired
remember, we are wagecucks at the end of the day

the real bossmen are millionaires and billionaires and zillionaires
they don’t “work” for they money



Barely well-off. A relatively large chunk of that will get swallowed by mortgage payment if you don’t have a SO or if SO is on a low wage. Put it this way – I don’t like spending more than £150 a night for a hotel when I go on holiday. That doesn’t go very far at all in Europe.


Rupert; US know the rest!



🐔 🐓 🐔


Glusker Equity

How’s Greenberg going?



Still holding out for a Baul Bastings trainee pay increase, pleeaaase baby


Kirkland NQ

Aw bless! One day you may be able to afford a second hand ‘rari


Kirkland September 22 NQ

Cant wait to be in your cohort on qualification 🙂


Kirkland NQ

Yes pop by my office when you’ve qualified, I can tell you exactly how I like my shoes buffed.


Kirkland 22 NQ

But we will be same year then given you are perpetual NQ? You’ll be buffing mine soon enough wee son


magic circle firms

sad times


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