BCLP and Mishcon raise London NQ lawyer pay

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£95k and £83k

Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner (BCLP) is set to increase the salaries of its junior lawyers in both London and Manchester.

The firm confirmed that newly qualified (NQ) solicitors in London will earn £95,000, up 8% from £88,000.

The improved rate matches that offered to NQs at Mayer Brown and Norton Rose Fulbright.

It comes less than half a year from when the firm last boosted London NQ pay in June 2021 — from £80,000 to £88,000.

Trainee salaries in London have increased by £4,000, with first years now on £48,000 and second years on £52,000.

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BCLP has also bumped NQ associate and trainee pay in the Manchester office. The NQ pay rate is now £51,000 (previously £50,000) whilst trainee salaries have risen from £27,000 to £30,000 in year one, and £30,000 to £35,000 in year two.

The new starting salaries are effective from January 2022 for associates, and February 2022 for trainees.

Segun Osuntokun, partner-in-charge UK, said:

“The compensation adjustments form part of a broad ongoing program of investment in our business and in our most important asset — our people.”

Mishcon de Reya, meanwhile, has followed with NQ pay rises of its own. NQs in London will earn £83,000, up 11% from £75,000, starting from January 2022.

The new rate surpasses that on offer at Addleshaw Goddard, CMS and Eversheds Sutherland, all of who pay associates £82,000 upon qualification.

Mishcon trainee pay stands at £42,000 and £45,000 for first and second years, respectively.

The recent bout of pay rises come amid increased pressure on UK law firms to complete with the mega-paying US ‘MoneyLaw’ firms in London. Silver circle firm Macfarlanes last week joined the £100k NQ salary club.

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To be fair, £95k and £83k for BCLP and Mishcons is healthy. Fair f*cks to them!



Mission trainee pay is shameful for the work they do



Surprised the Mischon trainee pay didn’t rise tbf..

Most of the other firms offering that c.85k NQ salary are all pushing the 45k 1st year and 50k second year mark.



Except for Squire Patton Boggs where first year trainees get £37k 😂🤡


Kirkland NQ

This really emphasises the question – why have a Ford when you can get a Lambo? Who would stay at one of these shops for this meagre salary, when you can join a US titan and get vastly more pay, respect and a better life?


Good One Fresher

A bEtTeR LiFe

Ok pal, good one.


Fresher Watch Ltd.

Uh huh, thx fresher.



Ain’t no Kirkland associates driving a lambo. You’d struggle to afford a much needed hair transplant on Harley street after tax and living expenses let alone a supercar


NHS Burn Unit




Tbf, Mishcons seems like a decent place to work – cool clients, interesting matters, decent-enough pay, and fewer hours than the corporate mega shops.



Mishcon HR has entered the chat.


Sliver Circle

Everyone waiting on Ashurst now to make a salary move. Firm’s been behind for a while. Has higher PEP than NRF but will it match them, go higher, or simply stay the same?

Will be interesting…



How are both these firms hours like generally?


MDR Trainee

Depends on department. 9-7 is a decent day, sometimes less and sometimes more.



Typically I wake up at 9am. Give my rusty sheriff’s badge a quick wash and migrate to the desk for 9:15am. Bash out some emails and grab a brew at about 11am. Plough on through until about 4pm and dip out for a fag. Quick check of the work phone after I’m done with my fag at about 5pm and that is me done for the day. Sink some ciders, chomp down some noodles and I am done with it.


Tolstoy’s bicycle

Top bantz, 10/10.



Tell me what you mean by rusty sheriff’s badge?



Ashurst incoming ?


hungry SPB slave

Meanwhile at SPB the only raise we got this year was a rough-hewn pair of pinewood clogs and an extra bowl of thin gruel in the morning before they reattach our manacles for the day ahead.






Anyone know what this means?



There’s a lot of unrest in the trainee cohort at Simmons. They don’t think twice about boasting how strong the numbers are looking every quarter but no movements when it comes to comp. Surely they can’t get away with not raising to £95,000 at least? They can definitely afford to go £100,00 but would rather spend it on some useless technology that no one ever uses anyways.



Lol, what’s it like to earn six figures


hello, is it a 100k salary I'm looking for?

what salary do you need to be financially free?



Single guy in London, bout tree fiddy.



Enough to build about £2.5m wealth whilst spending freely.

You probably want about £5k spending money each month to allow for a reasonably plush life with some nice meals and holidays. £4k monthly mortgage repayment on a modest property. Assuming £2.5k of your £4k is building equity in your property (rest being interest) that is £30k wealth being built in property per year, notwithstanding increases in value.

Assuming a 25 year career and reasonably early retirement, you need to build £100k wealth per year. Takeoff the £30k/year being build in the property that is £70k/year needed, or say £6k per month.

So you need £6k savings, £4k mortgage, £5k spending. About £15k after tax. Accounting for a bit of pension contribution you’re probably looking at about £350k/year.

Long way of getting to the same answer as the poster above.


Forever Associate

It depends🤡

In London? Single adult with zero debt and no kids? Also assuming 10-15% of your salary put into pension (on top of firm contribution) so you can retire in 25 years= £135-145k base salary. Take home will be around £6k a month or just over. Not considering bonus for obvious reasons. Also not accounting for annual salary increases.

£1750-2500 per month rent for a 2 bed, or decent 1 bed flat in zones 1 and 2. You’d likely need about well over £150K base if you want to start putting together a deposit for a decent zone 1 flat to buy.

Proper west end club (ie not Soho or Ned) membership is about £1500 a year. Fun funds (assuming no crippling drug habit) about £600-1000 a month which will allow for a big night at least once every weekend. ~£800 a month for standard bills (food, utilities, web, mobile)

£500-1000 a month into stocks and shares (low cost index trackers) ISA for 20 years should yield a couple million pot to further boost early retirement comfort.

Left over cash put aside for rainy days, vacays, etc. Should have about half a year’s expenses in cash immediately available at all times. Any bonus can be used to supplement this.

I have no idea what family in London would cost.

Living in the regions? No clue. I assume however much is needed to afford custom shoes to fit those webbed toes.



Wtf I wanna join a membership club 🥴😂 waste



if you are a senior associate at kirks, maybe. If you’re a partner you’re swimming in lambos lol


Common sense

Bakers surely to £100k!? And what happened to that sign on £??


Kirkland Powerhouse NQ

“Bakers” 😂🤡


Burned out / under-paid BM associate

Bakers managing partner will send an email out to the entire office saying we should be grateful for our pay (which is below NRF/BLP/all SC) and that financial remuneration doesn’t matter when we have a ‘culture of friendship’.


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