‘How do I put up with my noisy law firm colleagues?’

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I’m struggling to focus now I’m back in the office

In the latest instalment in our Career Conundrums series, one trainee solicitor is struggling to adjust to office dynamics.

Hi, Legal Cheek. I’m a trainee solicitor at a London law firm who started training entirely remotely. We’ve recently started hybrid working but I’m struggling to adjust to the office dynamics. What I find most challenging is the office set-up, which is open plan. My colleagues who work near me are mostly associate-level lawyers, who are great to work with, albeit quite noisy. One colleague talks very loudly on the phone and will often play music through headphones which I can hear. This makes it very difficult for me to concentrate as I’m used to working alone in my flat. How should I broach this with my colleagues/higher-ups?

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