Lawyers fail to impress in ‘best lovers’ list

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Research places plasterers top for bedroom prowess — legal professionals finish bottom

New research has ranked various professions according to their abilities in the bedroom — and its not looking good for lawyers.

The survey of 2,000 people from across the UK found that plasterers are best between the sheets, finishing top in a 20-strong list of professions. Lawyers, meanwhile, finished 20th.

The findings, compiled by Materials Market, an online building material platform, urged respondents to “spill the beans on their love lives and how good their partners are between the sheets”. It also asked all of those surveyed what jobs their partners do and to rate their overall bedroom experiences.

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The top ten is dominated by tradespeople, with electricians (2nd), mechanics (4th), builders (5th), and plumbers (8th) all rated highly for their nooky know-how. Well they should be good with their hands, right?

At the other end of the table and sitting just above lawyers, call centre workers and retail assistants placed 18th and 19th respectively.

The full ‘best lovers’ list:

1. Plasterer
2. Electrician
3. Teacher
4. Mechanic
5. Builder
6. Graphic designer
7. Architect
8. Plumber
9. Personal trainer
10. Accountant
11. Gardener
12. Carpenter
13. Mortgage adviser
14. Nurse
15. Chef
16. Cleaner
17. Dentist
18. Retail assistant
19. Call centre operator
20. Lawyer

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No s*** Sherlock

The best people in relationships generally are usually those who are the happiest in their own lives so no surprise there that lawyers are the worst in relationships.

Law is detrimental to your mental health, physical health, personal relationships etc.



Yup. Leaves you with hardly any time to yourself let alone to dedicate to a relationship which isn’t a great trait in a partner


Happens to the best of us

Not to mention the fact that the toll it takes on your attractiveness.

It can leave you looking tired, gaining weight, dark circles from lack of sleep and prone to acne due to the stress etc

Now you are a less attractive version of yourself and you aren’t any fun to be around since your personality is drained…



I know sooo many female lawyers who are 🅿️ushing 30 and have no prospects of marriage or even a solid relationship isn’t on the cards.

Not bashing or belittling them, simply an observation…



You mean your lover doesn’t want to hear about sh*tty partners, PE deals and NQ salaries?



It’s also the fact that a lot of law students and lawyers don’t have a life beyond law.

Their whole personality and existence is rooted in being a lawyer and they get shocked when non-law people don’t care about any of that stuff.


What a sad little life

Whenever I come across someone who has a legallysally or lawwithsusan or sarahdoeslaw etc accounts I steer clear lmao



Literally I automatically think they’re a loser looool


You get used to it

My gf has got one and idk how to tell her I find it proper cringe without being mean lol. So I just go along with it

I disagree.

Just because they have a [second] instagram account related to their career path, it doesn’t mean their whole life revolves around it.

Some valuable advice, for those who need it, can be present there in a very accessible way.

At the very least, some people take motivational support from it, when they hear about somebody else’s relatable struggles and solutions in this tough career path.



It does mean that though.

You spend your working day in the office and then your spare time accumulating a legal profile on a social media site which is typically used by people in their free time.

Instead of going to your social media to see your friends or other stuff, when you go onto your insta feed you are flooded with legal accounts. It’s absurd.

There’s no escape.


Never have I read such hogwash.



Me neither!



Gosh, plasterer, electrician, mechanic, builder, plumber, gardener, carpenter, cleaner, retail assistant and call centre operator – where are the people quizzed for this survey going on the pull a Wetherspoons in the North or Magaluf?

At least they in good shape if they need to cobble together a Village People tribute band from former lovers.



Nice try, but flawed data. There are many more plasterers than lawyers. Lawyers are one of the least common professions on that list. Also, many lawyers are corporate slaves. This doesn’t make them bad “lovers” in the physical sense, but often unavailable lovers, so they are probably one of the least likely to engage in physical intimacy, and therefore much of the population will never sleep with one. I have read articles that say the complete opposite to what this is saying in terms of where lawyers “rank” (for want of a better word) in the bedroom. It can’t be quantified anyway.



Looool the fact you wrote a whole essay explaining something that’s not that deep.

All the other comments are banter and then there’s you.

You probably write paras to your man for him to Reply with K.



Bro it’s a legal cheek article not a medical journal relax

But you’re comment may suggest you’d rank lower down the list


Kirkland NQ

Sorry guys, my model girlfriend was too exhausted from the night before’s activities to respond to the survey. If she had lawyers would have been number 1 by a distance based on her feedback.



When the hell are we supposed to have sex? When does anyone in this firm have sex?



I can tell you this is bull. My bf lawyer is amazing in that department!


Where’s the lie, yo?

You mean to tell me that a £2mil house in Fulham is the only reason why some barristers find women to marry them?????

Colour me shocked.


Where’s the lie, yo?

You mean to tell me that a £2mil house in Fulham is the only reason why some barristers find women willing to marry them?????

Colour me shocked.



Last week I saw a solicitor friend after 6 years, the change in him is shocking: overweight, hair thinning, face and nose red and bloated from drinking too much, tells me he rarely gets out of the chair as his food and drinks are in the desk drawer. He works long hours and I feel on the verge of becoming estranged from his wife.
That’s the life of a solicitor trying to hold his own in these times.



what firm



It doesn’t matter which firm, this is a common theme across all types of firms whether that is US, MC, SC, International etc.

The stress and mental and physical toll is pervasive across the legal sector.


Lord Snobton

Of course its gonna be the chavvy leckys and plasterers who are ‘best in bed’. They’ve all been at it since age 12. Rather unlike my educated, competent legal brethren.



The accuracy!!

Male lawyers 🤝 early hair thinning and hairline receding



What! I’m fantastic in bed.



I see I’m late to this discussion. I’d like to say it’s because I was busy making the g/f happy between the sheets, but sadly I had to spend the time drafting an advice.

Although for some reason, she still seems happy and she’s just changed the bedding.



How many “dog walks” does she go with her guy best friend back in her home town? I’m sure they talk lots about how impressive your above-target billable percentage is.


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