Lawyers fail to impress in ‘best lovers’ list

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Research places plasterers top for bedroom prowess — legal professionals finish bottom

New research has ranked various professions according to their abilities in the bedroom — and its not looking good for lawyers.

The survey of 2,000 people from across the UK found that plasterers are best between the sheets, finishing top in a 20-strong list of professions. Lawyers, meanwhile, finished 20th.

The findings, compiled by Materials Market, an online building material platform, urged respondents to “spill the beans on their love lives and how good their partners are between the sheets”. It also asked all of those surveyed what jobs their partners do and to rate their overall bedroom experiences.

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The top ten is dominated by tradespeople, with electricians (2nd), mechanics (4th), builders (5th), and plumbers (8th) all rated highly for their nooky know-how. Well they should be good with their hands, right?

At the other end of the table and sitting just above lawyers, call centre workers and retail assistants placed 18th and 19th respectively.

The full ‘best lovers’ list:

1. Plasterer
2. Electrician
3. Teacher
4. Mechanic
5. Builder
6. Graphic designer
7. Architect
8. Plumber
9. Personal trainer
10. Accountant
11. Gardener
12. Carpenter
13. Mortgage adviser
14. Nurse
15. Chef
16. Cleaner
17. Dentist
18. Retail assistant
19. Call centre operator
20. Lawyer

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