CMS increases trainee pay in London and regions

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City rookies to earn over £52k

International law firm CMS has increased pay for trainees in all its UK offices.

London trainees will earn 5% more with first and second year pay now sitting at £46,725 and £52,250, respectively.

In Bristol, meanwhile, trainees will earn £41,500 in their first year, an 8% increase from £38,500, and £42,525 in their second, a 5% bump from £40,500.

Trainees in the firm’s regional and Scottish offices will also enjoy a 5% pay boost. In Manchester and Sheffield, trainees will earn £30,000 in their first year and £33,075 in their second, while their Scottish counterparts will start on £26,775, rising to £29,925 in their second year.

The 2022 Legal Cheek Firms Most List

The rookie rises follow the firm’s decision to increase rates for newly qualified associates to £95,000 in London, £61,000 in Bristol, and £51,750 in Manchester and Sheffield.

The Legal Cheek Firms Most List 2022 shows that CMS takes on 95 trainees each year, following a hike last August which made it the second highest training contract provider in the UK.

The international firm also scored an impressive spring retention rate of 96%, keeping 24 of its 25 trainees due to qualify this month.

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Is that it? Lol



This happened in December


Disgruntled Associate

Don’t believe the headline stats for NQ pay, CMS is very poor for salary bunching down the line to compensate for this.

Legal Cheek, please please please publish details for 1-5 PQE as well, like Roll on Friday used to do. This would shine a spotlight on a big cross industry issue.


RPC Senior Associate

It could be worse. 6.5PQE and I am paid the same as a CMS NQ.



No disrespect to you personally… but you are at RPC. Maybe consider a move.



Don’t worry, I am.



Everybody needs to email salaries and PQE levels into the Tip Offs section



Continued strong moves from CMS. Signs of ambition.

Ambitious firms are the ones increasing salaries and attracting/retaining talent. Those firms that have not made recent salary increases will lose talent. This is a people business.


Dentons 2PQE

Already interviewing as don’t see raises coming. Not hanging around to see what crumbs we are given as late as September. Meanwhile we are on for a record year.



… a first-year Anglia Ruskin law student writes


Dentons 2PQE

He’s not wrong though. These back to the books fresher comments are so boring and just thrown around when someone disagrees with someone else to discredit their viewpoint. All a bit silly



London rate is now the same as DLA, ES, AG but 10k behind in the regions?????? Good on DLA for showing value to the regions.


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