Formal warning for judge who conducted hearing from his car

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A judge has been given a formal warning for conducting a hearing from his car.

The Judicial Conduct Investigations Office (JCIO) said deputy district judge Christopher McMurtrie handled the hearing, “partly while driving and using his phone in hands-free mode”.

The judge found himself in the somewhat unusual position after having to travel unexpectedly for personal reasons. He accepted the move was “misguided” and gave assurances as to his future conduct.

No further details were provided.

In a statement published this week the JCIO said: “The Lord Chief Justice, with the Lord Chancellor’s agreement, has issued Deputy District Judge Christopher McMurtrie with a formal warning for misconduct… The judge failed to meet the expectation to avoid conduct which might reduce respect for judicial office.”

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Prag McTist

Oh come on!

We’re all being expected to be pragmatic in these straightened times, and conducting the hearing in this way saved public time and money.


The Heck????!

FFS – The Highway Code states that you must exercise proper control of your vehicle at all times.

It is dangerous to drive and to try to conduct a hearing at the same time.

What if he crashed into someone?



There’d be a very interesting claim, I imagine



Could he claim judicial immunity for liability in negligence?



Who was the grass?


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