Trainee retention latest: Hogan Lovells and Mayer Brown post spring scores

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70% and 83%

Hogan Lovells and Mayer Brown have posted their latest spring trainee retention scores.

Hogan Lovells is keeping 15 of its 20 newly qualified (NQ) lawyers, with one on a fixed term deal. This hands the firm — which recently announced plans to relocate its London office — a score of 70% or 75%, depending on your reading of the figures.

The 2022 Legal Cheek Firms Most List

The firm’s latest cohort of associates join corporate (six); litigation, arbitration and employment (four); finance (two); global regulatory (two); and intellectual property, media and technology (one).

Meanwhile, Mayer Brown confirmed five of its six spring qualifiers are staying put — or 83%. The new recruits join the litigation and employment teams.

The Legal Cheek Firms Most List shows NQs at Mayer Brown start on a salary of £105,000 while their counterparts at Hogan Lovells receive £100,000.

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Shockingly low for Hogans… Although, they do attract the types that think they’re better than people but aren’t really. Bet they’ve tried to jump ship to US shops



It’s not as low as their 2020 figures which they didn’t even publish. Over half of the cohort were gone



What do you have against Hogans? The tone of your comment indicates you were rejected tbh


current account ending in ****3840

why has Hogans been having such a poor retention rate?



Very low score from Hogans, any idea if the rest were offered jobs or where they ended up? US firms/Magic Circle?



Everyone who applied for a job got an offer. People went by choice to a mix of US and MC firms


Mayer Brown

Anyone know much about MB, in terms of culture? what are the people like there?


Definitely not a Mayer Brown lawyer

The people at MB are smart, attractive and charming.



Not that it will be much help, but I’ve met a good 9 or 10 people from MB of all levels (full equity partners down to trainees). From the hours I’ve spent talking to them, they all seem to be a really lovely, supportive bunch of people. Sally Davies is very down to earth and takes a very different approach to most Senior Partners, so I can’t see them being brutal to work for in the way other firms of their calibre are.



I know a couple people who have trained at MB within the past few years. They more or less mirrored what you said. However, they did note that in some teams the hours can be stereotypical for any of the other high-level international firms in the City with reputable teams.

I know they lost a few from the construction arbitration team a few years back because they were sick of working US-level hours for UK-level pay (I think NQs were in the high £70k/low £80k range at that point). So hours can indeed be brutal, with ~90 hour work weeks not the norm but definitely not uncommon.



Any idea which firms?


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