Hogan Lovells to move City HQ across the road

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New digs from 2026

Hogan Lovells’ London office

Hogan Lovells is to relocate its City of London headquarters in 2026, it confirmed today.

The firm will move to a new “bespoke” premises comprising 21 Holborn Viaduct and adjoining buildings on Farringdon Road once its current lease expires in four years time.

It has put pen to paper on a deal which will see it occupy 266,000 sqft, roughly 10% less than the 300,000 or so sqft it currently occupies at Atlantic House.

Work on its new digs begins later this summer, with the firm targeting an occupancy date of Q4 2026.

And its lawyers won’t have far to go. The new “sustainable working environment” is just across the road from its current premises, which chalked up an A grade in our latest Trainee and Junior Lawyer Survey.

Penny Angell, UK managing partner, said:

“Our London office is of considerable strategic importance to the firm and our clients. Having occupied the Atlantic House building since 2001, we are excited at the opportunity to redefine how our space can best support our business and create something bespoke, while staying true to our values, heritage and 40+ year history in Holborn Viaduct. Having the space and technology that reflects our evolving working style and is flexible enough to adapt as the future needs of our people and our clients change is critical.”

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A number of major City players have announced plans to relocate offices over the past year or so.

Allen & Overy confirmed in November it will move to a new office at 2 Broadgate near Liverpool Street Station in 2027, while Travers Smith and Kirkland & Ellis have both announced they are moving to new pastures in the coming years. Elsewhere, Linklaters is set to relocate to a new site at 20 Ropemaker Street, Moorgate, from 2026.

In other office related news, Michelmores today announced it had relocated its London operations to new premises at 100 Liverpool Street. “London remains a key strategic growth priority for our firm, and our investment in this new office space will create a world-class experience for both our clients and people,” managing partner Tim Richards said. “Collaboration is so important for our business, and the modern, technologically advanced space will be a boost for cross-team working”.

The firm has two further offices, one in Exeter and one in Bristol where around 80% of its staff are based.

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Future Future Trainee Solicitor

Will they have an onsite gym in new premises? If not they will not have the privilege of training me. Thx



You won’t have time to go the gym lol. Hardly anyone uses the firm gyms.

Be prepared to gain a few inches on your waistline by the end of your TC


Future Future Trainee Solicitor

Sorry but I’m about health before partner wealth. I’m sure they’ll understand anyways.



You sound like someone who won’t be kept on after qualification, if you indeed make it to qualification.


Future Future Trainee Solicitor

Mate I actually think they might break the NQ salary structure for me on qualification, never mind not being bloody kept on!


Firms are following suit with Travers and Macfarlanes and finally downsizing offices.

These overheads such as rent on bigger more lavish office = less money in lawyers pocket.



Clifford Chance should take a leaf out of their book.

If they didn’t focus so much on all this extra stuff and used the money towards higher salaries, maybe they would be able to retain talent.

When you’re an undergrad student you become a sucker for the glitzy office and swimming pool and everything else but you soon see through it all.


CC Trainee

The TC system is also quite confusing.

Hardly anyone gets to do the seats they want and you’re pretty much pigeonholed into a certain career if you don’t speak up to grad rec about really wanting a particular seat



Isn’t this the case at most firms though?


4th seater

Not when you have 3 compulsory seats lol



Nope Ed. W&C, Macs, Travers, Ashurst, H&L are a few firms where I know mates all got their 1st or 2nd choices. Not complete random ones.



Yup. You have to scream and shout for a chance at litigation too. Even the many PE seats are becoming harder to obtain because CC hires too many of same types and they’ve all decided they want to become private equity lawyers.

The finance seats are all unnecessarily specialised too- there’s like 10 areas and they are all essentially forms of debt finance and then another load for equity. Completely narrows your experience. Why wont they just pool the trainees together in a more Finance generalist seat so we can pick up a wider range of knowledge. Cant wait to put SABRE on my CV ffs its so incredibly niche.

Oh but because there’s a bloody pool and I can get to work in another office aboard (to do much smaller deals unless I fight for Singapore) for 6 months I am meant to think this TC is the bees knees.



what is wrong with going to cc if you want to be a pe lawyer? Isn’t it a strong practice area for them and would make sense if that’s the work you want… or have i missed your point?



You’d be better off going to a US firm if you know you want to do PE. Everyone knows that


I’m glad people are finally seeing through all of their marketing and branding propaganda.

It’s ironic how US law firms don’t do any marketing but applicants come to them.

Whereas firms like CC do too much only for the juniors to leave.




Let’s consider gyms. Friends at large UK firms have gyms in the office. No-one uses them because (shock) they don’t want to spend even more time with people from the office. Imagine working with them all day, you go to the gym, and risk seeing them again (in your free time). Awful. No one wants that.

Friend at US firms has a super generous gym allowance. Can join pretty much any gym and the firm will pay. Has joined one right next to his flat. Goes at least 3/4 times a week despite a busy schedule and actually wants to as its time away from work.


Open Plan Police

Open plan definitely on the cards then to achieve such a reduction.

Ashurst did the same. Announced fancy new office- failed to mention the whole thing is an open plan nightmare.



This site has slowly become an updated centre on salaries and offices.

Remember when they actually used to write articles and stories.



Could not care less about real articles. Read enough law analysis in my working life. I just want the low down on whose salaries are going up and whether I can expect mine to go up. I don’t read legal articles for the fun of it.


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