Hill Dickinson provides staff with emergency childcare cover as part of new wellbeing initiative

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Support also includes in-home care for adults and elders as well as virtual tutoring

Hill Dickinson has ramped up its wellbeing support for lawyers and staff with the provision of emergency childcare cover.

Through a new partnership with bespoke family care provider Bright Horizons, the firm’s employees will be able to access a range of support services including back-up care, expert one-to-one advice sessions on combining work and family, and a wide range of online resources.

Practical support includes in-home care for children, adults or elders, in-centre nurseries, childminders, holiday clubs, virtual tutoring and access to on-demand babysitters through an app. Staff are eligible for 10 fully subsidised sessions under the new deal announced this week.

The partnership follows research by Bright Horizons that showed three quarters of working parents carefully consider their childcare and eldercare responsibilities before accepting a new job or promotion.

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Reflecting on the deal, Hill Dickinson HR director Carolyn Morgan said:

“Investing in our people is the most important investment we can make as a business. We’re pleased to be adding to the benefits we already offer by partnering with Bright Horizons to help offer practical support with care and advice to enhance our colleagues’ wellbeing.”

She added: “We’ve committed to the Mindful Business Charter and part of this is to help improve the workplace by removing avoidable stress. The back-up care aspect of our partnership with Bright Horizons will support our intention here and help give colleagues peace of mind that care arrangements are not something they need to worry about, no matter how last minute a change is needed.”

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Cracking initiative which will really be appreciated by anyone that has kids. Shows that they’re thinking about their employees priorities and so much better than a one off payment of £500



Better *for some* than one off payment of £500…



Not just those who have kids – I don’t have them, and in my early 20s I thought the childcare issue was totally irrelevant to me. Fast-forward 10 years, and too many of my mum friends (and it mostly women affected by this) simply aren’t in the workplace – it’s just not cost-efficient for them. So if they’re not contributing skillswise, it’s the company that suffers.



“Instead of finding more efficient ways of working that would allow you to spend more time with your loved ones, we’ll pay other people to look after them instead! Problem solved!

Aren’t we lovely?”


Reply to anonymous

Dont think there is any suggestion that they’re taking away flexible working?

Which other efficient ways of working allow you to spend time with family while working? You’re either working or with family, can’t do both at the same time.


Non-London Scumbag

In my experience, the service is completely useless if you live outside London as they can’t ever find anyone to look after your spawn. You end up fretting for hours only to eventually be told – we can’t fill your booking.


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