SQE prep provider pledges to reduce law fair merch in new eco push

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BARBRI joins elite City firms in signing up to the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance

SQE prep course provider BARBRI has joined top City firms in going greener by signing up to the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance.

The Alliance, which launched in the summer of 2020, is a group comprised of early talent recruiters, universities and student bodies, all committed to reducing their carbon footprint by focusing on sustainability.

The signatories to the pledge promise to “review, reduce and report”. That is, review their early talent processes and operations and identify opportunities to be more sustainable, reduce the amount of materials produced or switch to sustainable alternatives, and report their changes to the Alliance.

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Founded by Laura Yeates, head of graduate talent at Clifford Chance, the Alliance has almost 60 signatories including the University of Nottingham, University of York and Oxford University’s career service.

Lucie Allen, BARBRI managing director, told Legal Cheek: “BARBRI have signed the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance pledge to review, reduce and report as part of our BARBRI Bridges initiative. We provide high-quality online course delivery ensuring efficiency, effectiveness and increased accessibility for all to legal education whilst also recognising that distance learning is more carbon-friendly.”

She added:

“One of the four key pillars of BARBRI Bridges is social, economic and environmental and we are focused on making a difference. Our next step is to review our approach to events and promotion, particularly law fair giveaways. We are delighted to be involved alongside a growing number of signatories across the sector.”

Law fairs have long been synonymous with copping free branded ‘swag’, including portable phone chargers and speakers, for many students. But with more law firms and legal education providers increasingly signing up to green initiatives like this, this may spell the end of law fair freebies.

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