Bar Council revamps Pupillage Gateway

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Changes will improve process for both applicants and chambers, says bar body

The Bar Council is gearing up to launch a new and improved Pupillage Gateway in a bid to make the application process smoother for both aspiring barristers and chambers.

The revamped platform will provide a range of new features, including the ability for chambers to upload video content and create bespoke shortlisting forms, as well as options for managing post-offer admin, and “improved customer service”.

The Bar Council says the new Gateway — a centralised site which allows chambers to post pupillage vacancies — will be in place for the next recruitment timetable in September. Aspiring barristers can submit applications between January and early February, with shortlisting and interviews usually taking place up until early May.

Recruitment software specialist Tribepad has been tasked with delivering the new system.

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Commenting on the changes, Carolyn Entwistle, the Bar Council’s director of services, said:

“The introduction of a new Pupillage Gateway system is an exciting development for the Bar Council. We have a long history of supplying pupillage providers with a recruitment portal for aspiring barristers. The Pupillage Gateway facilitates the adoption of transparent, inclusive, and progressive application processes by AETOs [Authorised Education and Training Organisations], which are key to attracting those from diverse backgrounds to the profession.”

She added: “It’s important to us to offer all users a platform that is modern in terms of its functionality, easy to navigate, and most importantly, well supported by its providers. The substantial investments that Tribepad make into the development and maintenance of their system and the level of customer support that they offer will help us achieve this, and we are excited to be working with them.”

The Gateway has run into problems in the past, with the Bar Council being forced to twice extend the application deadline in 2019 following a wave of complaints concerning its crippling slow operating speed.

News of the revamp comes just weeks after the IT systems operated by the Bar Council and Bar Standards Board were taken offline following a malicious cyber attack.



Will it still crash every summer on submission day?



There’s a (very generous, I think) submission window. Candidates’ choice if they interpret that as a submission day and the risk that could entail in terms of IT performance…



Candidates are entitled to use every minute that has been made available to them to perfect their applications.



The best applicants tend to file well ahead of time.


Cynic - window dressing

Mostly performative. The real issue is the excess supply of bar course students with the fixed demand for very junior barristers in conjunction with for-profit providers who will accept anyone. At least in the US the LSAT system acts as a filter before JDs apply for firms etc.



A problem caused by the leftists who thought practical filters of limited places at the vocational stages were a barrier to access and social mobility and instead pushed for a system that leaves thousands in debt who had no realistic prospect of every securing a pupillage let alone a tenancy. When there was one supplier of the vocational qualification there was still oversupply but on a far lower scale than nowadays.



Yeah silly us, we should have realised that the poshos would still find ways to ensure Rupert and Humphrey are hired, regardless of the number of places available 👍🏻



You keep telling yourself that your failures are caused by the actions of others.



Why do you think it is OK to use someone’s NAME as a term of abuse?

And to suggest anyone is posh because of their NAME is highly prejudiced.

Do you have a funny NAME? Let’s hear it so we can all have a good laugh?

No? Why not???


Bull E. Boi

Calm down Poopert or we’ll have to tell them what happened at Prep School!


Damn those leftists wanting everyone to be treated the same!

But it wasn’t “leftists” who pushed for more bar course places. It was private equity firms wanting to increase profits. Blame capitalism.



No it was the leftists that wanted more places and it was the capital markets that responded to provide the increase on the supply side once it was opened up.


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