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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

The European court has seriously overstepped over Rwanda [The Spectator] (free, but registration required)

Let’s get the hell out of the ECHR [Spiked]

The resignation of Lord Geidt after being placed in an impossible position, after being appointed to an impossible position [The Law and Policy Blog]

Secrets and lies: The UK’s troubled regime of freedom of information [Legal Cheek Journal]

Conspiracy or cock-up? Did ministers want the courts to block the Rwanda flight last night? [A Lawyer Writes]

The latest comments from across Legal Cheek

Brexit: What does the EU think of UK law to override NI’s trade rules? [Irish Times]

5 times the Johnson government complained about ‘lefty lawyers’ [Legal Cheek]

What happened in Guantánamo: a former prisoner and interrogator speak 17 years on [Prospect]

Administrations and Acquisitions: The Mis(s)fortune of Missguided [According To A Law Student]

What makes an O-shaped junior lawyer? [Law Society Gazette]

Ten things to know about NFTs [The IPKat]

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